Access Made Easy with Rapid Access

In this issue of Building and Construction Review, we have chosen to recommend Rapid Access Ltd for its innovative access products.

Based in Nuneaton with two Manufacturing facilities and a warehouse in Atherstone, Rapid Access was established in 2008 by three local businessmen looking to revolutionise the access panel industry. The company’s first facility in Abbey Green, Nuneaton, houses two production lines – manufacturing bespoke panels for wall and ceiling use in a wide range of specifications and sizes offered to all customers.

The second facility is located in Attleborough, Nuneaton, and is used to manufacture the most popular panel, the Flipfix. Rapid Access Ltd uses this facility to operate an effective and efficient stock line, making sure that it is fully stocked, to enable customers the advantage of a next day delivery service which can be delivered direct nationwide.

The main role of Rapid Access Ltd is to manufacture standard and bespoke access panels, riser doors, loft hatches and fire rated over boxes in various sizes and specifications. Specialist manufacturers for the construction sector, it also extends unrivalled service to distributors, contractors, architects and national merchants. The company uses its expertise to understand all of these different industry sectors to broaden its brand and to stand out from other panel suppliers for independence and a relatable identity.

The company also offers its customers a large quote support with each quote over £5,000. This contains an information pack containing the quote summary, datasheets, test certification, product/service benefits and features, and fitting instructions. Additionally, customers are provided with a detailed product brochure including price and product information and guidance.

The company specialises in manufacturing steel products, and it currently has two unique products that offer ease and money saving aspects when fitting the panels that Rapid Access Ltd have designed. These are the Rapidfit® hinge system for Riser Doors and the unbeatable Flipfix panel for wall and ceiling use.

The FlipFix range launched in 2015, offers a unique fitting device, Mitreless frame and new Flush Lock system. The innovative box packaging for stock sizes doubles as a pop-out template – simply draw around the template and cut your hole ready. The FlipFix device easily secures the access panel against plasterboard or drywall with a thickness ranging from 8mm to 32mm, and this allows the panel to fit flush to the wall providing a clean overall finish. FlipFix complies with the performance criteria for integrity using the principles of BS EN 1634-1 : 2014.

Rapid Access Ltd are also the inventors of the trademarked RapidFit® hinge system on its riser door range, and this hinge system has revolutionised the riser door by reducing door fitting times on site by as much as 95%. Working on a spring-loaded pin hinge means that installation of the door, once the frame has been installed, is much quicker than a door supplied with a traditional piano hinge.

In a crowded marketplace, Rapid Access Ltd works hard to stay at the forefront of the industry, and it has a committed and exclusive team that works on product development. Using previous and market leading research the team constantly works on new products that its loyal customers can promote with pride. The company is also always looking to pioneer its established name into all industries by way of bigger and better ideas.

Business Development Manager Katie Nellany commented, “we are currently working on new invisible ironmongery to go into our access panels for a clean and sophisticated look on high end projects. Incorporating a ‘Fire Door Keep Locked Shut’ sign with the hidden ironmongery, this new panel will give a discreet professional finish, and also eliminate the unsightly look of lock holes and missing lock caps that can easily be removed or misplaced on site.”

Rapid Access Ltd have also launched a new NBS account to allow architects to add our panels to their specification with a click of a button. NBS is a highly credible specification platform that provides a single digital source of construction product information in a standardised format. NBS is a powerful and targeted channel for products, helping companies to reach more specifiers, generate more leads, and win more orders. Using NBS Source offers customers greater visibility, better decision-making, more sustainable and cost-saving options, in addition to a Digital 3D replica of real-world Access Panels, Riser Doors, Loft Hatches and Fire Rated Over Boxes.

Katie concluded, “we have a dedicated team on hand to assist with any queries, and our sales team aim to respond within the hour and make sure all questions and queries are answered with impeccable service. Working alongside the sales team is our technical support team, who have a wide range of experience and technical know-how of all things access panel related. We also have a fully experienced and knowledgeable external sales and marketing team, who make sure that all customers of Rapid Access are informed with the latest offers, information and give an interpersonal approach to our company.”

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