Advanced Perimeter Systems

APS makes a range of security systems which are installed around the world securing everything from Palaces to Piggeries, Stately Homes to Shopping Malls, Power stations to Ports, and many more.  Having been a trusted manufacturer of high-security systems for Forty years you can be sure that weíve got the products and experience to provide solutions for most security requirements.

Founded in the UK in 1982, Advanced Perimeter Systems is still in the same ownership and operates from our premises in Scotland, exporting our systems across the globe. Our focus remains on perimeter security. APS firmly believes that perimeter security should always be the first line of defence and our impressive client list tends to agree. Celebrating our 40th anniversary this year APS continues to support our customers through our partner network.

Our continued focus on perimeter security extends to three key product ranges: 

  • Flexiguard – a discreet acoustic sensor cable system which actively monitors any attempt to cut or climb your perimeter fence.
  • Electro-Fence – the ultimate deterrent, a non-lethal 10,000-volt electrified fence which packs a mighty punch.
  • Microguard – the invisible barrier. A microwave barrier system ideal for locations where you don’t want a visible physical barrier.
  • Multisys – Security Management System. A software solution to manage and integrate multiple security devices including all APS solutions, CCTV cameras, and third-party devices, access control etc.


Having developed our product ranges as high security products many have variants suited to commercial and residential property.

APS products are built and tested to the highest standards here in the UK. You will find our high security products protecting Critical National Infrastructure at home and abroad.  Working with the Police Crime Prevention Initiatives APS ensures that our products are accredited as Secured By Design.