Award winning leading water feature and irrigation specialist

In this issue of Building and Construction Review, we are pleased to announce we have selected Waterscapes Limited as our Outdoor Building Services Company of the Year.

“We were both surprised and honoured to receive this award and appreciate the recognition for our efforts to improve the quality and standards within the landscape irrigation and water feature construction sectors,” stated Paul Jeffery, Managing Director.

Waterscapes Limited is a leading water feature and irrigation specialist with over 30 years combined experience producing and installing projects for corporate, municipal and private clients across the UK.

Over the past 12 months, Waterscapes Limited has excelled in sales in comparison to forecast, Paul explained further, “overall we were targeting a 10% increase in sales but to achieve double that was fantastic and could only be done with the dedicated people employed here at Waterscapes Limited in both our engineering and office-based staff. Over the past 12 months we have been buoyant. Despite certain restrictions in place on construction sites relating to COVID-19 and some shortages in material supplies, we have had the busiest year since starting the business in 2002. We have managed to increase turnover by just under 20%, expanding all of our sectors, consultancy, irrigation & water feature installation and maintenance services. It was a bumper year and everyone in the business worked so hard to achieve this incredible success.”

A recent product release in the irrigation market is from Rain Bird. Waterscapes Limited use various irrigation and water feature manufacturers, and the new product available from Rain Bird is the ESPLX-IVM which is the latest in irrigation technology and the latest product to be added to Waterscapes Limited’s portfolio.

The Rain Bird ESP-LXIVM has a simple to use interface and advanced diagnostics making it the best irrigation controller on the market. Using 2-wire communication, it is designed for the largest and most demanding landscapes, such as communal landscapes, schools and sports fields, parks and public spaces, or large industrial and commercial sites & business parks. Including best-in-class specifications, it has many powerful and flexible features starting with the revolutionary new Integrated Valve Module with ‘smart solenoid’ that stays in constant communication with the controller to provide efficient irrigation and advanced diagnostics. The ESP-LXIVM is available in two options, standard and pro, the latter can support up to 240 stations and sets new industry standards for water management. It comes with advanced flow management tools such FloWatch™ and FloManager™ to optimise water usage, guards against high and low flow conditions and shortens total watering time.

“Recently, together with Rain Bird and product distributor Landscape Watering Systems (LWS), we ran a training course for all of the Waterscapes installation engineers and contract management team, which everyone found both interesting and helpful. This close support offered by both providers allows Waterscapes Limited to have full confidence in the products installed,” stated Paul.

Over the past two years, Waterscapes Limited has reached out to expand its customer base which has led to a increase in turnover and required an increase to 34 members of staff. Its year-on-year strategic business structure echoes growth and sustainability allowing the company to keep a close eye on operating costs to improve efficiency where it can.

With COVID-19 leaving such a devastating impact on the economy around the world, Paul described the effects it had on the company and the industry as a whole. “Both water features and irrigation as trades within the landscape sector, are considered finishing trades, and generally any economic impact felt by the construction industry can take up to three or four years to filter through. As we would be working on live projects of which construction would have commenced several years before, this in some ways delays any economic impact and helps a finishing trade because it gives time for the rest of the construction sector to settle and regroup, lessening the impact to those involved in the finishes. It also offers time for contractors to explore the market and add customers to also smooth any fluctuations that may occur.”

Going forward, Waterscapes Limited’s short and long-term goals are similar to each other. The company will continue to steadily grow and build upon its reputable design and quality installation and maintenance services it offers. Waterscapes will continue to invest in its current and future staff providing training for specialist work activities but also in areas such as environmental impact and mental health.

In closing, Paul mentioned, “a skilled, happy and rewarded workforce is the key to any successful business.”

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Images: Paul Upward Photography