Bespoke, waterproof and long lasting basements

In this issue of Building and Construction Review, we will be looking into the basement specialist company Glatthaar Fertigkeller and how they have managed to build up a reputation as one of the UK’s leading prefabricated basement specialists.

Glatthaar was first set up in 1980, and now have almost 40 years of experience in the industry, now delivering 5,000 basements a year all over Europe. From their headquarters in Germany, Glatthaar are able to develop innovative and bespoke basements which offer the very best in reliability and durability. The company operate across the whole of Europe, with their basements installed in homes and buildings far and wide.

Here in the UK, they have worked all across the country with self-builders and home architects, helping to build the best basement for the home in question, whether it’s a new build or for an extension. There are a number of reasons home owners seek basements. In addition to massively increasing the amount of available space and interior design options, they also significantly increase the value of the property.

Unlike your typical contractor, Glatthaar are dedicated to providing the best service for their customers and ensuring their basement is as long lasting and stable as possible, and of course able to fit the needs of the homeowner. Whether it’s for an extra room, a storage space, a DIY workshop space, Glatthaar can build the best basement to suit your needs.
As one of the leading prefabrication basement specialists in the UK, Glatthaar have a whole host of benefits that sets them apart from their competition. Perhaps the most important one is their ability to provide a insurance backed warrantee against water ingress. Water ingress is a basement’s worst nightmare. Most commonly entering through the wall to floor joints, water entry can cause water stains and leaks within the basement, and worse yet, once inside, repairing and preventing further ingress can often be complicated and costly. Thankfully, Glatthaar are able to guarantee water tightness with zero ingress, and last year, the company finalised an agreement with insurance partners Buildzone in order to guarantee this.
The waterproof AquaSafe® basement features precast concrete panels, additional tanking of external joints to prevent seepage, and a number of optional additions. However even without the extras, the AquaSafe® basement is already 100% guaranteed waterproof. For those really curious, Glatthaar even have a floating house where you can see the basement in action.

In addition to the AquaSafe® basement, Glatthaar also have a Baby Basement which provides additional space at a fraction of the typical cost. Ideal for those seeking a storage or utility room, this particular basement features a basement slab, twin panel external walls and a reinforced concrete ceiling. Quick and easy to set up, inexpensive, and providing the perfect extra space for everything from storage to wine cellars to study space, the Baby Basement has proven highly popular across the country.

On top of their expert basements, Glatthaar also prioritise great delivery of service, with speedy installation and in-house engineering. For this issue, we spoke to Anthony Spinney who explained, “Here at Glatthaar everything is done by our highly trained and long experienced engineers. From design to fabrication to installation of the basement through to after sales, only Glatthaar employees are involved in this process, they do not use external contractors, Glatthaar take care of everything that the customers need.

During the entire process, Glatthaar work closely with the customer to ensure the basement is coming along exactly as they envisioned. Whether it’s a basement that mirrors the floor space of the entire house, or is larger, or even shorter, the end goal is always complete customer satisfaction. Better yet, Glatthaar also provide a personal point of contact for each customer, meaning they can stay updated and in the know regarding the progress of their basement from one well informed source. They are also given knowledgeable advice before, during and after the basement is fabricated and installed.

Anthony added, “Thanks to our excellent basements and customer service, we have won numerous awards over the years. This includes being chosen by the public via survey to win 9 out of the 10 categories in Focus Money magazine for the last three years. Thanks to this success, we are seeing rising sales, including across the UK and Ireland, which we are keen to continue and see progress.”

As one of the leading prefabricators basement companies, Glatthaar attend a number of tradeshows every year where they are able to showcase the innovative design and construction that goes into their basements, as well as connect with the industry at large and potential clients. Some of the ones they have attended include Grand Designs, Eco Build and the Home Build and Renovation Show.

If you would like to find out more about Glatthaar and how they can help you build the basement of your dreams, be sure to get in contact with the team using the details below. More details on their many different basement styles and bespoke service can also be found online.

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