Celebrations with a lot of heart

We’re all celebrating smashing the TCFM £5K challenge, after just 5 1/2 months of the charity partnership going live.

This has been achieved through a number of activities, but most notably bagging up unwanted toys, clothes, CDs, books, DVDs and a whole host of other household items that are then sold in the BHF charity shops across the country.

Everyone has tried to get on board to help our charity partner, the British Heart Foundation. They conduct ground-breaking research in to heart and circulatory diseases and their causes.

The remainder of the year will see colleagues at TCFM continue with the BHF’s Bag it! Beat It! campaign along with other activities that are being planned on a more local basis.

BHF were selected by TCFM as a way of providing more than just their specialist services to the charity’s network of Furniture and Electrical stores where we professionally clean every item of donated soft furnishing.

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