Century-old company wipes the floor with the competition

Building and Construction Review are delighted to award the pioneering, sustainably- driven premium floor company, BONA Limited The Company Of The Year Award for 2022.

 Founded in 1919 by Wilhelm Edner in Malmö, Sweden, with the first Bona AB wood floor polish, it is now the innovative leader in the hardwood floor industry. The fourth generation of the Edner family proudly continues running the company legacy from its headquarters in Malmö, with further global representation across 17 subsidiaries, 70 distributors, five factories and 600 employees.

The British distributor base has been at Milton Keynes for a decade, at the forefront of green spaces and sustainable urban planning infrastructure. With an impressive growth business portfolio: doubling in recent years, a new larger warehouse facility has been purchased to increase the flow of distribution. Training is also at the forefront of Bona as Leanne Garvie explains,

“Within this important upgrade of facilities for the Bona business, a new training centre is being constructed. Bona’s new training centre will launch in early 2023, offering a wide range of training and development opportunities for flooring craftsmen. With more capacity for direct customer demonstrations and practical technical support.”

Bona supplies world-class premium floor surface products for homeowners and professional businesses including wood, tile, stone, vinyl, resilient, rubber, parquet and laminate. With a century long heritage of ensuring beautiful flooring, new innovative products continue to ensure that Bona is, “recommended by professionals.” One recent product is the Bona Resilient Floor system, Leanne explains further:

“An innovative and highly effective solution that transforms and extends the life of resilient floors. This system can be used not just to maintain a floor’s freshness, but also to totally transform its look, without replacing it. Even in heavy-traffic areas, surfaces can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection.”

Bona products have been used across international sporting arenas: basketball courts, busy, airport terminal floors, on quiet reflective museum flooring and across numerous businesses, offices and homes across the world.

If you walk across a beautiful tiled, wooden or parquet floors, the chances are that it has been sealed and treated with a Bona floor product.

Kerstin Lindell, Chairman of the Bona Board elaborates: “Every day, with every product and every interaction, we promise to offer products and experiences that bring out the beauty in floors.”

The British Bona base showed great ingenuity and tenacity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering dedicated, business and marketing assistance across digital platforms, gave reassurance to customers during a difficult time. Leanne explains their COVID-19 marketing strategy:

“During the peak of the pandemic, it wasn’t possible to reach our clients on a face-to-face level. To keep things moving forward, we invested in digital webinars, online educational and training materials and launched an informative YouTube channel. This proved to be a popular way to engage with our audience.”

Bona has developed a network of expert skilled craftsmen called Bona Certified Contractors, delivering beautiful, high-quality flooring to customers across the width and breadth of the UK. The craftsmen are offered continuous professional development, to upgrade their expert skills, with the latest, innovative floor product systems, from inhouse industry specialists and across a network of professionals in the flooring industry. The craftsmen attend workshops to refine product knowledge and marketing training, to optimise customer service skills.

The new training centre in Milton Keynes in 2023, will further the training of the next generation of floor craftsmen.

Bona have been fully committed to sustainable development, in harmony with the environment for over 100 years. Carefully, constructed products are able to renovate flooring, extending the life span of floors, thereby reducing the need for floor replacement.

Bona are exclusively the first floor product manufacturers to produce certified waterborne lacquers, improving indoor air quality and dust free sanding systems. Removing toxic, carcinogenic wood dust from the air during the hardwood floor sanding process has allowed for positive benefits to human health, without compromising on product quality. Leanne quantifies this further:

“Bona will continue to develop sustainable products to improve and provide ecologically friendly systems. We are always looking at the latest flooring trends and strive to offer products and systems to support the industry. Bona are the first company to offer sustainable yet high performing products for the flooring industry. Our development of waterborne lacquers, dust free sanding solutions, silane-based adhesives and renewable flooring systems continue to offer a safe and sustainable product range for our customers. That’s the Bona difference.”

With over a century of providing durable, optimal floor products that prolong floor longevity, whilst maintaining strict ecological sustainability, Bona Limited is an outstanding, worthy recipient of Building and Construction’s Review’s Company of The Year 2022.

Bona graciously accepted our award and an ecstatic Leanne stated, “Bona are delighted to be recognised for the long-term investment in the flooring industry. To see our passion for floors being recognised, is a true highlight for the Bona team!”

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