Compact and powerful stump grinders from Predator

Predator is an industry leading supplier of high performance, narrow access tree stump grinders, which was established in 2003. The company’s founders were originally working in the tree care industry, offering tree stump removal to their clients. Back then, stump grinders were often large wheeled or tracked machines. The machines were frequently built in the US where they have plenty of space to manoeuvre their machinery. In the UK, back gardens tend to provide difficult access, which creates a struggle for arborists attempting to get their stump grinding machinery into a back garden.

“The founders were used to this same problem, and saw a need in the market for a compact tree stump grinder that are powerful enough for commercial stump removal on large sites, but also compact and narrow, to be able to get through the tight garden gates of the UK. The first Predator stump grinders built were the narrow tracked 28X, which were only 26 inches wide and therefore able to get through any garden gate, but with a 28 horsepower diesel engine and deep grinding depth, they could handle nearly any size stump,” said Simon Bradshaw, Predator Sales.

From its location in Henley on Thames in Oxfordshire, and its 30 dealer and service centre locations around the UK and globally located dealers in North America, New Zealand and Australia; Predator supplies cutting edge, tree stump removal tools for Arboriculture professionals, Plant Hire firms, Local authorities and Contractors worldwide.

“We are the only tree stump grinder company that focuses exclusively on the design and supply of narrow access stump removal machinery, making us the best choice on the market for companies and individuals in the UK, where difficult access to the stump is the norm. We offer a comprehensive, affordable range of stump grinders, from portable tools you can carry, all the way to more powerful radio controlled tracked machines,” added Simon.

One of the most remarkable machines within Predator’s range is its best seller; the Predator 38RX. The Predator 38RX is a radio controlled, tracked machine which is 26 inches wide and maintains an impressive 38 horsepower. Specifically designed to provide narrow access and high productivity, the Predator 38X is able to handle tough access stumps located in places such as back gardens and rough terrain commercial sites.
“We have now upgraded the unit with a dozer blade and tow bar. Making it the narrowest machine on the market for its power and performance. It will now grind 22 inches deep, almost twice the depth of the closest competing machine,” stated Simon.

The Predator 38RX has been designed to meet the ever toughening regulations, and as such, the noise levels are extremely low and the machine utilises its refined fuel injected Kohler EFI engine, resulting in minimal vibration. The Predator 38RX is a highly productive and innovate machine, providing an easy to use, low maintenance and compact solution.

In terms of recent developments, Predator saw an increase during the pandemic in response to people taking on more garden, commercial, construction and landscaping projects. Simon explained that, “Our dealer network is constantly growing, prior to the dealer network being launched in 2018, we were selling direct to customers. Now it is far more convenient to buy and service Predators’ as there is often a dealer or service centre on their doorstep. It has made it more important to forecast required components, parts and stock requirements to keep up with demand. Though the COVID-19 situation made manufacturing very challenging, with component delays, the Arboriculture industry was also incredibly busy in 2020.”

Predator maintains that it will continue to look at new ways to improve upon its machinery and strives to always provide new solutions to make its machinery more compact, with increased power and performance.

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