Craftsman training is back

In this issue, we’ve chosen to recommend Bona for creating resilient, sustainable, and best-performing products for the flooring industry.

Since its inception in 1919, Bona has laid out a constant thread that has woven its foundation. Its values of passion, performance and pioneering are present in everything it does from its products to the company culture and to its sustainable business practices. It’s not only how it operates as a business but how it interacts in the world.

Rewind back to the early 1970’s when Bona was among the first to remove toxic and hazardous chemicals from hardwood floor finish, and proved water-based finish as a reliable and durable alternative, Bona was also one of the first companies to insist on dust containment systems that remove carcinogenic wood dust from the air and environment during the hardwood floor-sanding process.

“We were also the first in our industry to offer a full system of waterborne hardwood floor finishing, and floor care products certified for indoor air quality. Our exceptional performance track record and expertise have given us the privilege to care for floors in some of the world’s busiest and most beautiful buildings. From the largest sports and basketball courts, to airports, museums and other public places. Bona can be found in a variety of environments where the floors are exposed to heavy daily wear and tear, and where the demands on sustainability and performance are high,” stated Leanne Garvie, Marketing Manager.

It is this accolade that has enabled Bona to continuously grow year on year; being recommended by professionals since 1919. Bona is now present in 90 countries through subsidiaries and distributors and is still as committed to making a difference and innovating best-performing products in the industry since it began.

After 10 years at its current location, the Bona UK business has more than doubled. Having outgrown its current warehouse space and facilities, Bona is pleased to announce that a new larger premises has been secured allowing for greater distribution opportunities.

Within this important upgrade of facilities for the Bona business a new training centre is being constructed. Bonas new training centre launched in early 2023 offering a wide range of training and development opportunities for flooring craftsmen allowing for more capacity for direct customer demonstrations and practical technical support.

It’s commitment to professionals comes completely unrivalled in the industry, so we asked Leanne to explain the training courses in more detail. “We’re committed to helping professionals make the most out of our formulations and equipment. We therefore offer three levels of training to help provide the very best levels of service to customers. Bona Certified Contractor scheme, Bona Sand and Seal Training, and Bona Resilient Floor System Training. Bona also offers technical support and are on hand to support with product specifications and ongoing technical product and application advice as well as samples on request.”

As well as the two-day course for qualification as a Bona Certified Contractor, Bona also offers a one-day sanding and sealing course aimed at those new to the industry. This course is also useful for staff working for Bona distributors to give them a real understanding of Bona products and to help them advise their contractor customers. The next available dates for this course are Thursday 14th September and Thursday 16th November 2023.

Bona Resilient Solution is an innovative and highly effective system that renews and extends the life of resilient floors. The Bona one-day Resilient Floor training offers a full introduction to the system including full floor renewal, maintenance processes, and the many designs and additional features that can be introduced with this system. The next available dates for this course are Wednesday 27th September and Wednesday 29th November 2023.

Commercial buildings need durable floors to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and transporting equipment. This innovative and highly effective solution transforms and extends the life of resilient floors. It is high-quality, sustainable, and offers substantial downtime cost and environmental savings. This system can be used, not to just maintain a floor’s freshness, but also to completely transform its look, without replacing it. Even in heavy-traffic areas, surfaces can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection.

As leaders in the flooring industry, Bona always strives to offer solutions for every flooring situation. Bona is committed to always listening to its customers and creating innovate systems to the meet the demands of the flooring industry. However, it is the company’s willingness and endeavour to create more sustainable products that largely contributes to its success over any competitor.

“Our vision is to lead the sustainability transformation of our industry, caring for people and the planet. What we’ve learned from 100 years of commitment to sustainable practices is that sustainability is ever-evolving. Rather than a destination, it’s a multifaceted journey that changes as our world changes. Developments in technology, new innovations, and cultural shifts are all part of how we continue to create a better world. Our sustainability journey is aligned and in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and is focused on bringing better products and practices to Home, Health, and Humanity – across the globe,” said Leanne.

Bonas global presence is inevitably growing as it continues to not just innovate but lead the next generation in sustainable flooring products. In closing, we asked Leanne how Bona felt receiving our award. She answered, “Bona is delighted to be recognised for their long-term investment in the flooring industry. To see our passion for floors being recognised is a true highlight for the Bona Team!”

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