Create the ultimate outdoor entertaining experience

Quan Garden Art are a premium outdoor entertaining brand, specialising in strikingly designed ‘Fire Plate BBQ’s’ where you cook on a hot plate surrounding a fire-pit. Not only does this form of outdoor cooking take your barbequed food to the next level, it also provides a focal point for family and friends to stand around whilst enjoying a drink and conversation, making this the most social BBQ experience on the market.

The pandemic has certainly led to a significant increase in outdoor entertaining, and this trend looks set to continue. Quan are currently seeking to partner with property developers across the UK, to offer stylish and unique ‘Outdoor Entertaining Packages’ to prospective new homeowners.

Quan UK also offer a Professional range suitable for outdoor areas in restaurants and hotels, where chefs can provide real theatre outdoors – as watching someone cook on a Quan Fire Plate makes for a mesmerising experience. These are products that will transform the way you BBQ!

Please contact Jon at Quan on 07811408688 for further info and see for full product range.