Does your Resilient flooring have a hygiene problem?

At Bona we are passionate about finding new innovative flooring solutions. We have applied our expertise with coatings and maintenance products to create a totally unique program for caring for and maintaining resilient flooring effectively and with minimum disruption. Our high-quality Care program allows the ongoing maintenance of resilient vinyl, PVC, linoleum, and rubber floors to ensure continual performance, but also allows floors to be transformed when worn or degraded, rather than replaced.

Some resilient floors become damaged and heavily worn, often patchy in appearance. Traditionally this would be the point where the floor is replaced. However, with the unique Bona Recoating treatment, vinyl, PVC, linoleum, and rubber floors can be resurfaced quickly. This process can involve a complete transformation of the floor as it can be recoloured, using Bona Pure Colour, before protective layers of a transparent coating, Bona Pure or Pure HD are introduced. By renovating the existing surface rather than replacing it, a lengthy installation period is avoided along with the inconvenience of disposing of the old floor.

The Bona Resilient System can also be used for coating new resilient flooring, such as LVT, following installation. The primary difference with LVT compared to other types of resilient flooring, is the fine cracks between adjacent LVT elements. Resilient flooring such as rubber have welds where the sections meet, providing a continuous, sealed surface. This prevents moisture ingress but also renders the surface easier to clean and specifically, prevents microorganisms from occupying these areas of the floor. Renovating ensures that bacteria and microorganisms are eliminated – even those hiding in joints, scratches, and other hard-to-reach areas. Independent testing verified that a smooth, joint-free LVT surface can be created using Bona Deep Clean and Bona Pure, securing a hygienic floor according to the regulations of Technical Rules for Biological Agents (TRBA).

We commissioned a study on the use of the Bona Commercial System on LVT flooring – typically used in hospitals and other hygiene sensitive areas. The test was carried out in conjunction with the IFR Institute in Germany. The purpose of the test was to prove that a smooth, joint-free surface, as set out in the rules of the German TRBA standard, can be created by over-coating with Bona Pure.

The first step of the test was to install a range of new LVT wood effect flooring. The next step involved dividing the test area into two sections and coating one with Bona Pure, while the other was left untreated. A solution containing fluorescent pigments was then applied daily across the whole floor and cleaned using the Bona PowerScrubber and Bona Deep Clean Solution. Daily contamination with the pigments followed by cleaning was carried out over a period of 8 weeks. At the end of the test period, UV lights were used to expose the levels of contamination on each part of the floor. The part of the floor not treated with Bona Pure showed high levels of contamination. The part treated with Bona Pure showed hardly any.

To prove the test results further, the LVT planks were removed to examine for signs of contamination below the surface. On the untreated area, a high level of contamination was found below the planks due to penetration through the joints. However, the area treated with Bona Pure showed almost no signs of contamination thanks to its protective layer which seals each joint.

With increasing amounts of LVT being installed it is likely that customers are going to be keen to ensure the surface is as clean and hygienic as possible.

The Bona Resilient System offers a simple and effective solution, in addition to extending the life of the flooring itself.

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