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At Door Controls Direct we pride ourselves on being your dependable source for comprehensive door solutions and quality door hardware. We are dedicated to delivering superior products, exceptional service, and expert guidance to help you find the perfect solutions for your project or facility.

Whether you are searching for commercial door closers, mechanical locks, access control systems, or any other door hardware products, you can depend on Door Controls Direct. Our GAI-qualified technical sales team can help you to find the right product for the right job, ensuring compliance with building regulations and product standards.

Fire Door Ironmongery
We recognize the critical role that fire doors and compliant fire door ironmongery play in the operation of any building. Whether you require door hardware for commercial, industrial, or residential settings, you can rely on us to deliver.

Our extensive product range encompasses a wide variety of overhead and concealed door closers, panic hardware, and CE marked door hardware tailored to meet your specific requirements. Shop for fire door signage, CE marked fire door hinges, intumescent seals, and more with our Fire Door Essentials range.

With numerous changes to fire safety regulations this year, with more to come in October, ensure that any existing fire doors meet the new requirements, and that any new fire rated doors have CE marked compliant door hardware installed.

Shop online with us and as well as quick delivery on certified ironmongery you can view and download product documentation, so end-users are provided with the certification for their door hardware, and you can be sure you have the right product for your FD30 or FD60 fire doors.

Not sure what you need? We have compiled our own fire door ironmongery kits that cover locking and non-locking doors, escape doors, lift to lock bathrooms, and access control doors. Intumescent kits are included for hinges and lockcases. Separate intumescent packs are also available for concealed door closers, digital locks, and flush bolts.

The Dependable Door Controls Solution
Unlock the difference that dependability makes when you choose Door Controls Direct for unmatched reliability in door hardware and access control solutions.

For more information on our fire door ironmongery and door hardware product range, your can visit our website:

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