Eco-Friendly, Low Carbon, Maintenance Free Solutions

Concern for the environment and action to modify our behaviour is strongly supported by young and old alike. Climate change is not a myth. It is already happening.

In addition, the cost of ownership is often not taken into account when pricing up a project, yet it’s a significant additional cost.

If you are going to spend the money, time and effort, doesn’t it make sense to design properties that stay looking good, without an ongoing cost for maintenance?

The Solutions
Recycled plastic profiles are an ideal replacement for traditional building materials and with no requirement for ongoing maintenance.

Rapid Growth
A family business Kedel Limited, based in Burnley have just celebrated their 12th birthday. They’ve experienced extraordinary growth of approximately 30% a year, since 2010.

Industry Recognition
It’s clear that the building industry is eager to play a part in reducing its impact on the environment, having previously been regarded as a major contributor to global warming and waste plastic pollution.

Typical Example
Kedel’s decking products were used for the viewing platforms on the Archelor Mittal Orbital Tower at the London Olympics to reduce its carbon footprint. More recently the National Trust is replacing wooden fencing with recycled plastic from Kedel as it means they* will just need to do the job once.

Wide Range
Other popular products include: V-Cladding, T&G, Decking, Fencing, even Outdoor Furniture, the list is endless. It’s as easy to work with as wood, produces 250% less CO2 in manufacture compared to virgin plastic.

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