Five Technologies that are transforming the Construction industry

It can be easy when you’re running a busy construction company to  focus entirely on the day-to-day operations of your work and lose sight of developments in the wider industry. With so much volatility in the market and general angst around spiraling material costs, recruitment, logistics and more, you can be forgiven for not spending too much time researching new technologies  However, the reality is that new equipment and techniques are actually the solution to many of these issues you face as a company director. Here’s an overview of five that can help you to work more efficiently and safely:

Drones – there are tasks that can be performed quicker and more safely by drones than with traditional methods and with a variety of payloads from cameras to lidar and thermal imaging, you will soon see the benefits of an aerial perspective.

Non-destructive Testing – covermeters and ground penetrating radar allow you to assess the structure of concrete without having to drill into it.

GNSS receivers – surveying with sub-centimetre level accuracy thanks to satellite positioning has streamlined many processes, especially with regards to topographical and GIS surveys.

Laser scanners  and reality capture – you can create a ‘digital twin’ of your site for a variety of purposes, from design right through to marketing, and with easy access to every single measurement and a photorealistic 3D model, everyone can be engaged in the project without having to physically visit

Machine Control – combining satellite positioning with heavy machinery, the operator has a screen in their cab that guides them exactly where and how deep to dig with an excavator, as well as giving them the power to document positions with their bucket for as-built verification.

It can be difficult to know where to start with some of these advances, so Surveytech have been creating a series of youtube videos and webinars to explain everything you need to know, just look for Surveytech on google or follow on social media for more information.

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