Fixing packers permanently

The use of packers (shims) in construction and joinery is very common, but how to permanently fix them is sometimes a challenge.

Plastic is notoriously difficult to fix with adhesives so the safest and most secure option is to use commonly available fasteners such as staples, nails or screws especially when spacing timbers.

The components to be packed out however, are often unsuitable to be nailed or screwed through, e.g. stone, brick, steel, ceramic, porcelin, etc. Then the only solution is to fill around the packer with a suitable compound so that the packer sets the space, whilst the filler adds additional structural support but more importantly, holds the packer in place. Filling out in this way, is most easily achieved in the horizontal plane.

The Stadon Level Product Range provides packers to suit most applications and can be fixed using these methods.

The High Density / High Load Packers illustrated have integral fixing holes to allow for screw fixings. They also feature locating spigots so that combinations of the four available sizes may be used to achieve the packing thickness required without slipping against each other. These packers can carry high loads and are particularly suitable for use with dense and pre-cast structural components.


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