Go paperless with CheckedSafe

CheckedSafe, established in 2014 by co-Directors Gary Hawthorne and Darran Harris, was developed to provide simple and inexpensive compliance solutions that could be adapted for any industry. Now, CheckedSafe provides compliance services across several different platforms, notably commercial and plant hire vehicles, utilities, and many other service sectors that are monitored for compliance.

As a SaaS platform, CheckedSafe has developed multiple apps and a web-based reporting system that is multi-functional and secure, offering organisations complete solutions to manage and protect their workforce as well as comply with legal and commercial requirements while reducing cost and liability. The system is also fully compliant with the regulatory bodies and has just achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

CheckedSafe has grown impressively over the years, from the beginning of an idea six years ago to now approaching 7,000,000 checks and 300,000,000 data points over 3,000 companies, including Kier, Amey, and Scottish Water, as well as being the preferred partner for Hitachi, Northgate and QBE.

“We are award-winning and innovative, and we are continuing to develop the product with new ideas,” said Gary. “We’ve done well during the COVID-19 pandemic and we have made full use of online platforms like Zoom to deliver demos and meetings to our clients, both existing and new.”

CheckedSafe’s defect reporting, compliance management and fleet maintenance solution boasts a range of features. Compliant with DVSA, HSE and Border Force, as well as LOLER, PUWER and ADR, it allows for a quick and effective driver walk around with pre-use or first user checks. It also has the option for customised checks tailored to the user’s requirements, and all reported data is available in real time and cannot be manipulated. What’s more, there is a full audit trail with user interaction at each time.

For fleet management and maintenance, CheckedSafe offers scheduling, notifications and planning to enable 100% fleet compliance. The solution also provides a Full WorkShop Management feature, as well as the ability to upload paper or carry out digital PMI checks.

CheckedSafe also uses the GPS on the driver’s mobile device to pin point their location when they carry out the daily walk around check, and this map location is included in the resulting report. The system also has several DVSA recommended checklists, and all checks can be made bespoke for any vehicle or piece of equipment. What’s more, checks can be carried out regardless of Wi-Fi connection of phone signal. The checks are stored on the device and uploaded to the CheckedSafe Compliance Management System (CMS) when the driver regains signal.

The software is designed for Android and Apple mobile devices, so can run on mobile phones and tablets, as well as being available on the TomTom platform. The driver’s movements can also be tracked using the mobile device’s motion sensors as the driver undertakes the check, ensuring it is being accurately completed as you can see the driver moving around the vehicle.

Ellisons Technical Services experience the benefits of CheckedSafe first hand, saving in the region of 15 minutes per job.

Owner Stewart Ellison said, “We are saving easily 15 minutes per inspection sheet. We also make other savings in the fact that everything is in the cloud and all data for the fleet is a fingertip away, so searching folders has gone and storage of information has gone – it’s all in the cloud tagged directly to the vehicle.

“We’ve also used bespoke templates to suit the tasks, which is all DVSA compliant. The data is real-time and cannot be edited so you cannot fail to be compliant – CheckedSafe is definitely the product that has allowed me to streamline and grow my business.

“The system stores, schedules and notifies of all tasks required, which gives me and my client the ability to react quickly to the demands of busy operations and minimise downtime.”

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, you can test drive CheckedSafe for 30 days with no restrictions. The trial will give you full use of the App and CheckedSafe CMS – all you need to do is fill out the online registration form or download and complete the form and upload it back to CheckedSafe’s website: https://www.checkedsafe.com/free-30-day-trial/

You can also request a demo before the trial, where CheckedSafe will have a chat with you about your business and current procedures, before running through the key features and benefits of CheckedSafe and any questions you might have. These demos usually take about 30 – 45 minutes, and CheckedSafe is very flexible with demo times and will work around your timeframe as much as it can.

If you would like to find out more information on CheckedSafe’s full range of features and benefits, head to the website or get in touch using the contact details below.

T 01282 908429