Handmade brickwork at its finest

The Coleford Brick & Tile company, based in The Royal Forest of Dean Brickworks, is a family-run business established in 1925. With over 90 years’ experience in the industry, the English company to this day, is truly a master of its craft.

Coleford Brick & Tile is known for its enviable reputation of producing a beautiful range of genuine handmade clay bricks, specials, and pavers. The beauty of the Forest of Dean Brickworks production lies steeply in its history in the coal mining industry. Inevitably, the coal was exhausted and the market for the bricks broadened to include the general building industry. Its products speak for themselves, winning multiple awards and being used in many architecturally praised developments such as conservation projects, National Trust activities, corporate developments, universities, and retail schemes throughout the UK.

The wealth of experience by Coleford’s approach and handmade production is what separates itself from the competition. With a product range limited only by the client’s imagination, this enables the company to allow for vast creativity on a bespoke and personal level. These items can include traditional size imperials, metric bricks, pavers and BS specials. Coleford prides itself on only producing genuine hand thrown products created by local craftsmen, using traditional moulds and techniques. Aside from offering a wide range of clay bricks, Coleford also produces moulds which can be fabricated to reproduce almost any brick size, paver or special. To ensure precise matches, specific size imperial bricks or specials can be produced for any project, from a renovation to individual projects. Better yet, multiple brick sizes or specials can be produced at the same time thus reducing lead times and ultimately offering a faster service availability to its customers. All its products are F2 and S2 quality in accordance with BS EN771-1, giving them suitable durability for the most exposed and performance demanding locations for any project.

Coleford believes no design should be comprised, by letting it produce tailor-made bricks and specials, it can bring any project to life. Every order received is approached with the same level of care and attention. Coleford contributes to helping clients build the house of their dreams while providing a trustworthy service.

Using brick for projects has many advantages. Firstly, they are low maintenance, meaning it can be lended to infinite building styles and locations with vast flexibility. Secondly, Coleford’s wide range of colours and textures allows for personalisation and standout statements. All its bricks are created using an abundance of natural materials, sourced through a domestic supply chain showcasing how the UK brickmaking sector is a superb example of a sustainable industry.

Furthermore, clay bricks have a typical lifecycle of over 150 years, offering strong versatility and durability to withstand the hard-wear of multiple occupants over an extended period. These accreditations all contribute towards its position as a leading sustainable construction material.

Whether it is an extension or a project starting from a blank canvas, Coleford provides the confidence and inspiration for any project. Providing traditional values for today’s environment, Coleford remains in a strong position and over the last 10 years has strengthened, invested, and installed many additions to the factory workplace to ensure continued success and secured future productivity.

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