Harvey Water Softeners: Making hard water a thing of the past

In this issue of Building & Construction Review, we are delighted to select Harvey Water Softeners for our New Year Spotlight Award 2024.

Water hardness is high in dissolved minerals (PPM) like calcium and magnesium and can cause a range of issues for households.

This can range from pipe blockages caused by accumulated rust, cloudy dishware with limescale residue, through to an unpleasant aftertaste when drinking and skin feeling dry when exposed to laundered clothing and showering. The latest academic research from Sheffield University also points to a link between hard water and the prevalence of painful skin conditions such as eczema.

What’s the solution?
A water softener can drastically reduce the hard minerals in your water supply and can be customisable to individual households.
Which water softener manufacturer do I choose?

Award-winning Harvey Water Softeners, part of Culligan Global, is a market-leading UK water softener manufacturer expertly helping households in hard water areas, with its extensive range of softeners, filtering systems and taps for UK and European markets.

Established over forty-five years ago, this Made-in-Britain accredited company is based in Woking, Surrey and has specialised in manufacturing cutting edge softeners since 2001.

We spoke to Oliver Smith: Digital Marketing Manager at Harvey Water Softeners for more detailed insight, “Harvey Water Softeners’ vision is simple – we are committed to providing only the purest, highest-quality softened water to every home in the UK.”

Our founder: Harvey Bowden himself once said, “Everyone would benefit from a water softener. If it makes sense for one person, then it certainly makes sense for everyone. We use water every single day, and softened water has proven to be far superior to hard water when it comes to ordinary tasks.”

This is why at Harvey Water Softeners; we are dedicated to ensuring everyone can enjoy the highest quality filtered and softened water nationwide.

From enhancing the vibrancy and silkiness of your clothes, being soft on skin and hair and to extending the lifespan of your pipework and water-using appliances, Harvey is devoted to keeping the things you hold dear in their best and most optimal condition.

We couldn’t be prouder of our long-standing history and expertise in the water softening industry – after all, we were the first company in the UK to develop the duplex-parallel system. This provides customers with a constant, uninterrupted flow of the best-quality soft water, with hard water becoming a thing of the past.

Our cutting-edge technology, designed and manufactured in the UK, has resulted in robust and powerful softening systems that are tested through one million cycles, so every aspect and feature is examined to the highest degree by the time they reach our customers either directly or through our dealer and plumbing partners.”

And that’s not all. With the UK Government’s 2050 net-zero targets on the horizon and the focus on the circular economy, Harvey Water Softeners are committed to sustainable best practice. The HarveyArc Water Softener is the greenest product yet- the exterior uses 38% less plastic than previous models and 62% of plastic used is from recycled sources. This amounts to an astonishing 84 tonnes of plastic waste saved from usage, which would ordinarily end up in landfill.

Using a Harvey Water Softener makes households greener too- limescale is reduced in the home and pipe work system. This in turn leads to more efficient heating and water-reliant appliances, which reduces carbon footprint and energy bills.

Speaking of energy bills, the current economic climate has been very challenging for individual households. With the tightening of purse strings, it is important to offer customers value for money across the board. Harvey Water Softeners require minimal servicing and maintenance, making it more cost-effective in the long-run.

With a focus on improving our customer experience, the new Profine ZERO Reverse Osmosis Filter System brings next-level drinking water technology to the forefront.

Firstly, the four-stage filtration design guarantees removal of sand, dust, bacteria, and much more and secondly, it only requires a service once a year, making it a preferred model to bring pure drinking water into the home.

Here at Building & Construction Review, we like to champion expertise and excellence across the industry and we asked Oliver what was next in store for this award-winning company,

“We are incredibly excited for 2024 and all the promise and opportunities that await Harvey Water Softeners. Water quality and water companies are fast becoming a hot topic within the UK, and we are committed to driving innovation and improvement throughout the water treatment sector. Last year, we visited Aquatech in Amsterdam for the first time, which opened up our market to the international community, which is also exciting going forward.”

“Harvey Water Softeners are dedicated to communicating the ‘unseen’ benefits of water softening to those in the building and plumbing industries. As more houses get developed and various water sources are being used, those individuals that live in what would have been traditionally regarded as ‘soft water’ areas will be experiencing harder water than normal, as alternate water sources are used to cater for the required capacities.”

“Our diligent Research and Development team are always hard at work to deliver innovative and pioneering concepts based on feedback from our loyal customer base. Later on in the year we will also be bringing out an addition to our non-electric water softener product line to further build out our portfolio of water softening and to elevate this to the next level – watch this space to find out more!”

“We want to really drive home the benefits that a water softener can bring to your home or business – from removing any trace of limescale, extending the lifespan of your appliances, and being softer on skin and hair.”

“We have a long history of exceptional water softening to an expert and professional standard. Whether you’re looking for the latest high-tech water softener to exist in a modern housing development, larger consumer property, or even a commercial property – we have the perfect water solution to suit all properties and budgets.”

“As a business, we pride ourselves on being known as the market-leader in water softening technology, expertise, and customer service. So not only can you rest assured that Harvey’s products are of world-class quality, but we will be there for all your requirements from start-to-finish.”

“We are thrilled to have been selected for the BCR New Year Spotlight Award in 2024! This recognition is a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation, exceptional customer service, and commitment to sustainable water solutions. We hope to share our vision for better water quality in every home and expand our positive impact globally!”

“We are a welcoming and open UK company that wants to share the good news about soft water, we are also really happy to offer our trade customers a site visit by appointment to see water softeners being built in person – allowing you to see the quality and consistency you’re getting when you buy a Harvey Water Softener.”

For more information, please see the websites below:
Trade brand site: www.dualflo.co.uk
Residential water softening and filtration solutions: www.harveywatersofteners.co.uk