High performance compact stump grinders

Predator are industry leading suppliers of high performance, narrow access tree stump grinders, and the company supplies cutting edge tree stump removal tools for Arboricultural professionals, Plant Hire firms, Local authorities and Contractors worldwide.

The company was established in the UK around 15 years ago. The founder was a landscape professional himself, who saw a need in the industry for compact tree stump grinders that could get into tough access areas, like back gardens.

Founded by Arboricultural professionals for Arboricultural professionals, Predator is a leading UK supplier of narrow access tree stump machinery. The company supplies stump grinders from portable, wheeled and tracked, which are designed to be narrow enough to get into the aforementioned tough access sites, by fitting down alleyways and through garden gates to reach tree stumps for removal. This perfectly suits the narrow access conditions of the UK.

Based in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, Predator supplies machinery direct in the south of the country, while a network of dealers supply regions nationwide. Decades of shared experience in the field has given the Predator team a unique insight into the needs of a rapidly changing industry. The company has developed an enviable reputation for being innovators at the top of its game, supplying solid, high-performance machinery with a back-up service that is second to none.

Predator’s largest customer demographic is tree surgeons and landscape professionals, as often stump removal is an extra service which they will offer their clients. When they fell a tree, quite often the stump is left in the ground, however if the customer wants to build on the site or wants to get rid of it for aesthetic reasons, they may ask for it to be removed.

If the tree surgeon does not have a stump grinder, they will either have to subcontract the work or hire a machine to do it themselves. As stump grinders are niche machinery, not all hire companies will have one that is suitable for the site. Predator stump grinders make customers’ lives easier and their businesses more profitable, and no other company supplies such a comprehensive range of compact kit.

Predator is the only company that supplies a full range of stump grinders focused specifically on narrow access and low fatigue. Traditionally, many stump grinders are supplied to countries where access to the tree stump can be fairly straightforward, meaning that there is little need to have machinery that is narrow and compact. However because access in the UK is often very different, operators would have to use smaller stump grinders to get into a site. This meant less power, and much more fatigue to the operator to complete the job, and so compact machinery was much needed.

Predator’s tracked machines are the narrowest on the market for their capability, and are built to be one machine for almost any job. For example, as well as being radio controlled, and having 38 horsepower, the Predator 38RX has variable tracks that reduce to 26 inches in width, which is the same if not narrower than some smaller 2 wheeled stump grinders. This means that the operator can do a huge variety of stump removal jobs without having to buy or hire multiple stump grinders to suit the site.

This Predator 38RX has also recently been upgraded to include a rear dozer blade, which is a very useful feature that customers have been asking for. This allows the operator to scrape and level grinding mulch without having to manually do it themselves, making it the ultimate compact stump grinder for both domestic and commercial work.

The company’s most powerful tracked machine, the Predator 56RX, is 56 horsepower and yet only 31 inches in width, and it is available with radio control, dozer blade and tow bar as standard. Both the machines mentioned have the power of commercial stump grinders, yet are designed to be compact enough to fit through garden gates and alleyways.

In the past Predator sold direct to all parts of the UK, but over the last few years there has been a steady development of new Predator dealers and service centres that supply nationwide, including internationally. This makes it easier and more convenient for customers to be able to demonstrate, service and purchase predator stump grinders closer to home.

As the company looks towards the future, Predator realises that the increase in UK domestic housing developments bring with it a focus on space efficiency, smaller entrance points, and smaller gardens, and this means that access for stump removal operators is becoming more challenging. The company is looking at ways in which the machinery can be more compact, fuel efficient, versatile and high performance.

From portable to tracked, Predator have the perfect machine to kickstart your stump grinding business.

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