High-quality service sealing systems

In this issue, the winner of our Building & Construction Review Recommends Award goes to Service Sealing Solutions for its continuous efforts in providing high-quality service duct sealing systems and watertight seals for utility services.

Tina McAra, Company Director of Service Sealing Solutions Ltd holding the BCR Recommends Award

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd provide a number of different sealing solutions across the UK to both the public and private sectors. As the sole UK distributor for the sealing industry’s top manufacturers; DOYMA and HKD, Service Sealing Solutions Ltd specialises in high-quality service duct sealing systems for utility services and watertight seals.

Based out of Shropshire, Service Sealing Solutions Ltd has a UK wide customer base and works hard to distribute a high number of different products. Marked not just a distributor, the company also covers every aspect of a project, required by the contractor. Tina continued, “When you are planning a build, it is easy to forget the little details that make sure your building stands the test of time. Correct sealing can help keep the building’s utilities accessible, making any maintenance easier to complete with little disruption. Service sealing systems also prevent structural damage because wherever service ducts are installed through walls, ceilings or floors, penetrating water may cause damage to buildings.”

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd has the exclusive rights to distribute DOYMA products in the UK. DOYMA stands on the front line when it comes to the development of innovative, practical solutions for sealing and fire systems. Demanding building types, such as power plants, large industrial plants, reservoirs or airports, often require highly specialised custom-made constructions. They place high demands on the fact that building penetrations such as cables and pipe work need to be permanently sealed. In the case of extraordinary pipe dimensions or special thermal, chemical or physical requirements, sealing systems in the form of a special construction are the required solution.

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd has a large range of DOYMA products that come with a 25-year warranty. DOYMA product brochures are available on the website and include products that have been supplied to some of the UK’s largest projects.

Tina commented, “We provide DOYMA’s products mostly to builders of commercial properties and we have provided for many of the large projects in London including HS2 and Kings Cross. Quite often services and electrics are installed underground and therefore have to have guaranteed water tightness.”

DOYMA has recently released its new generation Curaflex Nova® gaskets, which are the perfect solution for any professional tradesman instantly looking to solve sealing problems and can be adapted to multiple applications. The Curaflex Nova® gasket inserts are the safe solution for the sealing of all common services and are suitable against pressing and non-pressing water, and this is because the unique ITL principle (Integrated Torque Limiter) always guarantees the correct torque when the gasket inserts are tightened. All Curaflex Nova® frame rings are made of a special non-conductive high-performance plastic which prevents electrochemical corrosion. Optimal contact pressure is achieved by using extremely slip-resistant and highly aging-resistant EPDM elastomer between the frame ring type.

Service Sealing Solutions also supplies HKD products, which are now owned by DOYMA. HKD manufacture a large range of pipe sealing systems and service conduits that are guaranteed to withstand up to four bars pressure. HKD systems have a sealing solution for service conduits cast into concrete without the sleeves. They are supplied and ready to use, requiring no site preparation work prior to installation. With options such as KE Socketless service conduits, KG Wall Ducts and Floor Ducts, together with KG Twin Sockets for installation in pump sumps, HKD products are ideal for situations where suitability for thin-walled concrete structures is vital.

The company holds an unprecedented high level of expertise to developers and specifiers for sealing against water and gas ingress around service entries in basements and high-rise buildings. With a wide pipe gasket selection all with different specialities, including ones which can withhold high temperature, you can be sure that Service Sealing Solutions have what you are looking for.

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