Innovative Base Screens speeding up construction programmes across the country

Base Structures are announcing a new offering from its tensile fabric experts, Temporary Weatherproof Screening, promising to speed up building programmes and mitigate against weather delays onsite.

Base Screens are a new product that provide a unique and efficient solution for weatherproofing requirements on construction sites. Quick to install and demount, they are customisable to meet specific site conditions, which presents contractors with the chance to remove conventional cladding from a programme’s critical path. This accelerates the construction schedule and allow teams to progress with fit out works, staying ahead of any delays that the changing climate may bring.

Andy Traynor, Director at Base Structures and Head of Installations and Health & Safety, said, “Our in-house expertise and engineering capabilities mean that we can design, manufacture and erect temporary weatherproof screens very quickly and to fit an existing structure, safeguarding construction works from external elements.

“By installing screens early in a project, we can provide a bespoke solution to ease the installation, movement and removal of the screens at various points in the building programme at specific fixing points. This means that there’s no requirement for scaffolding, minimising any potential for damage to works that have already been completed.

“We’re delighted to have been able to offer this innovative solution to several happy clients across the country, and with an increase in this kind of work, Base Structures are well placed to help teams find solutions to keep building programmes on track despite the rainfall and weather challenges we’ve seen this springtime.”

Base Screens are made of PVC fabric that can cover large areas. They’re durable, easy to clean, fire retardant and a low-risk option, offering a less labour-intensive and safer solution than other more traditional weatherproofing options.

Base Structures have produced case studies of their work in this area, which can be found via the links below:

  • Project Resilience – Base Structures
  • Engineered Temporary Weather Screens
  • Dublin Terminal 2 Temporary Works Screens

They have also produced a blog post detailing some of the benefits of adding weatherproof temporary screens to your next building project.

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