Is portable accommodation the answer to construction’s fight with coronavirus?

By Benjamin Rothwell, Business Development Manager at Bunkabin

As the UK adapts to the ‘new normal’ caused by the coronavirus outbreak, the construction industry is faced with a difficult path, as companies cannot simply return to their old work practices with social distancing restrictions in place.

This leaves construction companies with a need to adopt agile and reactive processes in order to be ready for any more challenges that are thrown at them. One way to achieve this level of flexibility is portable accommodation.

Bunkabin is the leading supplier of site sleepers and welfare units, which have already proven to be popular within the construction sector. These units provide sleeping, kitchen, dining, shower and toilet facilities for workers, with robust protection from the elements. Hiring these cabins can offer businesses a number of potential safety advantages, allowing them to have high-quality temporary accommodation shipped out to any location at short notice.

They are easy to clean and maintain, allow staff to avoid daily commutes and make it much easier for managers to operate a relatively controlled environment. What’s more, the mobile nature of these accommodation units makes them perfect for planning flexibly when worker availability and project timelines cannot be reliably predicted.

This gives construction firms valuable breathing room at a time when guaranteed outcomes are a rare luxury. By judging the scope and requirements of each project on a short-term basis and investing in portable accommodation accordingly, firms can find the flexibility they will need to make the most of the opportunities that are still available to them.

COVID-19 still poses a real threat to the construction industry’s traditional business models and ways of working. As such, companies that are able to adapt the quickest with new solutions stand the biggest chance of emerging from this challenging period in the best shape.