‘Must have’ new timber decking resource

The Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA) in collaboration with the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) have jointly published a new resource – The Timber Decking Handbook.

Produced with support from the Wood Protection Association (WPA) and Wood Campus, the Handbook is aimed at specifiers, buyers and installers of timber decking.

A go-to reference
The 52 page book provides clear, relevant and up to date information covering decking design, installation, material choice and UK building and planning regulations. The Handbook references the existing TRADA Timber Decking manual – the two documents will complement each other – the Handbook acting as a summarised and illustrative guidance with TRADA’s being more detailed and of particular interest to the architect, structural engineer and professional installer.

Partnership agreement
The Decking Handbook has been produced as part of the TDCA/TTF partnership agreement – and on the back of the publication of the Timber Cladding Handbook last year, will help strengthen the market for both timber cladding and decking.

Janet Sycamore, TDCA Director of Operations, commented, “The new publication is crammed with useful information to help the reader create robust, fit for purpose decking. We hope it will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone involved with timber decking.”

The handbook is available to download from the TDCA website at: www.tdca.org.uk/publications with printed versions costing £15 each including P&P.