New products include Switchable film with company Logo or graphics designed into the film. Also – our coolest introduction is the Smart Blind film, that can operate like a normal venetian blinds.

Our adhesive film is simply retrofitted to glass areas requiring privacy, security, cleanliness, UV protection or can also be used as a projector screen on store fronts. SONTE has also developed the installation to be a DIY solution and thus we can supply film to customers pre cut and prepared for installation with simple to follow instructions. With the option of either a remote or Smart App controller you can instantly transform your glass area into a secure private zone. Sonte Smart film is perfect for meeting rooms and partitions or areas of the home wanting to remove blinds and curtains. Sonte Smart film can also have added benefits in areas where cleanliness is paramount like hospitals or dental clinics. 

Sonte adhesive film operates with a 240/60 VAC step down transformer and uses extremely low current in the “ON” or transparent state with an approximate power consumption of less than 5 watts per hour per square metre. The film state is quickly and easily switched in less than 40 milliseconds via App, remote or wall switch and has an operating temperature range of -20 to 70 °C. Film light transmittance is between 76-81% in the transparent state and approximately 50% when opaque with a UV absorption index of greater than 95%. Film thickness ranges from 0.36 and 0.5mm, is produced in widths of 1.2m and 1.5m and can be cut to any length. Colour options include White, Grey, Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green. Sonte UK provide a full installation service countrywide backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

The adhesive film is easy to install and does not need to be hard wired to the mains supply. It’s a simple stick, plug and play system that TRANSFORMS THE MODERN OFFICE & HOME OF TODAY INTO THE FUTURE.

Office Privacy with Door Coverage

Switchable Logo 1 @ Parrot Cocktail Bar – Hilton Hotel London

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