Our wallbed models provide limitless possibilities for transforming living space

Wallbeds have never been easier to order, build and install. They can help transform homes, offices and hotel rooms into multi-purpose and versatile spaces as well as providing functional storage areas.

Our wallbeds use a unique, safe, spring support system enabling the precise adjustment of balancing lift, compared with cheaper gas lifts. Our spring balance system has been developed over a 20-year period to guarantee safety and achieve the perfect balance. Being both powerful and adjustable means you can use a premium mattress for absolute comfort as well as to perfectly balance the wallbed, using fingertip control to open and close the wallbed effortlessly and safely.

All our mechanisms and hardware models are complete with contract level finishes and strength. The NeXT Bed™, Alpha Bed™, Beta DIY Kit, and Studio Desk provide huge scope for rethinking the way we live, work and sleep. Wallbeds can be used with subtlety and even completed hidden. Built to contract standards, and as well as appearing in an increasing number of homes globally, wallbeds are also gaining increasing popularity in the hotel and hospitality sectors due to their durability and suitability for everyday use.

Wallbeds can also provide additional capabilities such as providing extra storage, integrated seating or a desk. Installation costs are low and especially reduced if installed when completing a full fit out. ln furnished apartments, hotel rooms and in tiny or mobile homes, all our models utilise the floor plate very effectively which is essential especially where space is increasingly at a premium, and furniture must be dual purpose.

Full drawings are available of cabinet fixings where needed.

Our innovative NeXT Bed™ is an instant wallbed solution used with or without cabinet, immediately installable and useable on arrival, and currently in stock and available worldwide. With a tiny footprint and with fingertip control, the NeXT bed uses the safe spring support system. It can even be part-assembled offsite to further minimise installation time on-site.

The Alpha Bed™ utilises rolled section steel for strengthening the wallbed front panel and includes cross braces to ensure maximum load compatibility whilst never compromising on the perfect balance nor comfort. Our Studio Desk, compatible with the Alpha Bed™, functions as either a desk or side table and integrates directly into the wallbed. Not only does it disappear when the bed is lowered but keeps desk items vertical and undisturbed while the bed is lowered, raised, and in use.

Weighing just 15kg and the size of a cabin case, the Beta DIY kit has been developed specially for cabinet makers, and a range of other specialist trade professionals who require an affordable, compact, safe, reliable, and easy to operate system that from one package, will deliver any size of professional wallbed.

Our wallbed models provide limitless possibilities for transforming living space – just add your creativity and design for the space you need. Free consultation, advice, innovative designs and support provided.

A full range of US/EU/UK sizes are in stock, immediately available in project volumes worldwide.Talk to us today about our wide range of wall bed mechanisms and associated other products.

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