Packers: Avoiding the Voids

When it comes to packing out spaces during construction, there are times when it is essential to maximise the ‘fill’ so as to minimise stress especially when dealing with high loads. In this case a solid component of uniform cross-section and no voids is indispensible. Equally, there are times when a flexible component is desirable when those spaces are of irregular shape.

Often, a packer is not required to carry heavy loads, in which case its density and composition is less important. Indeed, a packer of softer material to provide a cushioning effect between components may be desirable.

Stadon Level offers different types of packers for various applications:

  • Solid rigid packers for high load bearing
  • Solid flexible packers for everything else
  • Hanging packers for vertical alignments
  • Wedge packers for adjustability.

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