Perfect paths from

Whether you are looking for parking space, landscaped pathways or a picture-perfect patio, are the ideal choice – providing a beautiful, quick-drying, safer resin bound alternative that is more efficient than tarmac, concrete, gravel and block paving. It offers:

A Porous Service
The resin bound material naturally drains water just as nature intended. This means a puddle-free surface with a reduced risk of flooding. It also means rain water and essential nutrients can reach plant roots that may be growing in the surrounding area.

Environmentally Friendly
Resin is up to 10 times more eco-friendly than concrete. Plus, all Resin Drives’ paths and patios are made up of natural stone, using 100% organic resin.

Long-lasting Durability
Triple layered for superior strength, not only is resin more aesthetically appealing, it is stronger and more durable than other surface options. It is less likely to crack, and resists weed growth for a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

Resin bound surfacing can be laid to make it wheelchair and pushchair friendly and has a natural friction that makes it safer and more slip resistant. offers two UK pickup points and an online ordering service for all your resin products.

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