Platform Lifts, Cabin Lifts and Goods Lifts

Cibes Lift UK is a subsidiary of the global giant Cibes Lift Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of platform and cabin lifts. Designed and manufactured in Cibes’ home country of Sweden, high quality Scandinavian engineering and beautiful design are the secrets behind its ever-growing success. Over 70 years of continuous business development and growth has seen them manufacture and sell 70,000 lifts in over 70 countries for people’s homes, offices, schools or other public spaces either directly to the end user or via specifications from architects and requests from builders and contractors.

Offering an end-to-end service, Cibes design, manufacture, install and service Platform Lifts, Cabin Lifts and Goods Lifts. We spoke to Brad Edwards, Head of Sales at Cibes Lift UK who explained what sets the company’s products apart from the rest.

“There is a number of reasons why Cibes are such a game-changing company. Firstly, a number of competitors sell other people’s lifts. We are the manufacturer of our own lifts making us more flexible when it comes to design. We can usually be more comprehensive when it comes to providing our customers and clients with information, while clients also only pay one set of overheads.

“Secondly, our most popular lifts come in ‘black as standard’. This is something NEW that we have introduced this year putting us ahead of the rest of the market.

“Thirdly, our lifts are more attractive than the vast majority of lifts on the market and are more adaptable to the building’s look and feel. We also have a Bespoke Brochure. This means when customers come in for a lift quote, we create a bespoke brochure featuring their exact lift design – all other manufacturers share generic brochures and pictures.”

Cibes set ambitious benchmarks for quality and performance through its leading team of innovative, aspirational and design-led experts. The launch of the ‘Black as Standard’ lift boasts a sophisticated graphite black with a semi-matte finish that has enabled Cibes to remain flexible and adaptable to the market conditions, technological advancements, and customer requirements. The launch met demand from architects, contractors and customers alike for a more attractive offering without additional cost or extended delivery times.

Some other notable products to mention are the Cibes A5000, Cibes Lift UK’s top-selling platform lift that is suitable for both private and commercial projects featuring a space-saving lift footprint and quality construction paired with innovative Scandinavian design.

The Cibes A4000 internal home lift features a compact design making it easier to fit within projects without compromising on space with a ‘ready-made lift concept’ which speeds up the installation and minimises impact on the building.

Currently, Cibes is actively enhancing its eco-friendly production. From its top-selling platform lift, A5000, that’s built on 91% recyclability to The EcoSilent drive system that provides an energy-efficient and virtually silent operation, with an Energy Label A and an estimated consumption of 215 kWh/year (based on a 2 stop lift with 3.6m travel). Cibes have also enhanced its designs with features like ergonomic handrails and intuitive controls to improve the user experience while adhering to sustainable design principles.

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