Step closer to your dream staircase

Stairkraft is the home of innovative, bespoke staircases created to complement a room and provide a unique design with a sleek flawless finish.

“We think that we stand out from the crowd because as a small business with over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we offer a bespoke and personalised service with unmatched attention to detail. Our designers form a partnership with the clients to ensure their ideas and visions develop into the luxurious and unique custom-made staircases they expect.” Pete Housley, Stairkraft Founder.
Specialising in design, Stairkraft draws from a variety of influences inspired by contemporary designs which embrace traditional manufacturing skills, as well as the latest technology and engineering.

A few noteworthy developments for the company, Stairkraft has recently launched its innovative ‘Faux Cantilever’ stair system. Pete expanded, “This type of staircase creates an impressive floating illusion just like a standard cantilever stair but at a significantly lower cost and with less disruption, since it does not require a substantial support wall or any additional steel support frame.”

Another notable project, Stairkraft is currently building its own purpose-built factory. A great development for the company the factory will enable Stairkraft to complete all of its products in-house, utilising the latest technology and engineering.

With industries all over the world recognising a significant impact on business during the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, Stairkraft is maintaining a positive outlook. Pete told us that, “During the lockdown, we felt the effects of a noticeable downturn in business due to projects being put on hold. However, as the lockdown has eased we have almost been able to resume business as normal alongside the implementation of the government’s recommended guidelines. We are moving forward by following the government’s advice to ensure our employees and clients’ safety. All of our team members wear face masks and adhere to social distancing measures when on-site, so that we can carry out installations in a safe manner.”

With an emphasis and passion for consistently developing innovative products, Stairkraft has continued to develop its products and has started experimenting with using different materials. “Alongside our most popular materials such as oak and stainless steel, we have been further developing products and materials that will be incorporated in our Faux Cantilever stair system.” Pete continued, “We have recently completed trials with solid surface acrylic materials that allow us to emulate stairs constructed with materials such as concrete, granite and marble. These materials are competitive in price, making these ‘statement’ staircases more accessible across the spectrum of home build and renovation. In addition, we are in the process of finalising the design of Faux Cantilever complete with glass treads and a glass balustrade to create a unique and spectacular staircase.”

Indeed, it is clear to see that Stairkraft is looking forward to its future despite the impact of COVID-19 and has many new designs and developments in the pipeline.

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