Sustainable industrial coatings & preservatives

Protek is an independent, family-owned woodcare manufacturing business located in Somerset, UK. Since its establishment in 1983, this innovative company has aimed to produce high-quality, water-based wood stains, paints, decorative timber coatings, and preservatives. Renowned for its expertise and reliability, Protek offers a comprehensive range of products that provide excellent coverage, durable finishes, and environmental friendliness.

“We strive to be sustainable and innovative as we continue our growth into the retail sector,” said Harriet Farquhar B.Sc. Joint Managing Director & daughter of Eric and Janet.

“The company was set up by my mother and father, Eric & Janet Thornborough. Protek has always been pioneering in its environmental awareness, only making water-based products when creosote was still universally used. With a mission to change the manufacture of all fencing and shed products to our new water-based wood stains and treatments, our Protek 9 Star Fence Grade, diluted with 9 parts water soon became the industry standard. The decisions we make today to limit the impact we have on the environment is the same philosophy that Protek was created on, and one we continue to improve upon.”

Protek and Gloucester Timber Company (GTC) have recently launched Protek ESP to tackle water damage in the timber industry. Their new product, ‘ESP Panel’, effectively seals plywood edges to prevent delamination, a problem causing structural issues and safety hazards. Proven through third-party testing by BM TRADA, ESP Panel protects plywood even in extreme wet conditions. One litre of ESP Panel seals 200 meters of 18mm plywood edges, safeguarding 21 full sheets!!

Another popular product is ‘Timber Eco Shield’, designed to prolong the good looks of your timber by using the latest nanotechnology that leaves a waterproof finish. It contains a mould inhibitor to protect the coating and is perfect for use on all softwood and hardwood products. It is especially recommended for use on pressure treated timbers, as well as, sheds, summerhouses, timber buildings, fencing, gates, garden furniture, animal and bird housing.

We asked Harriet, what benefits Protek products bring to its clients. She responded, “As manufacturers we have the ability to change colours quickly to meet current trends and fashions. Protek also offer their industrial customers bespoke products, working closely with them to manufacture specifically tailored products to match requirements and needs.”

Protek offers superior products with excellent coverage and long-lasting finishes. As a family-run business, it prioritises environmental friendliness in its manufacturing processes, earning the trust of loyal clients. It’s sustainable range of products supports eco-friendly building practices and significantly reduces long-term costs.

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