The Belgian fifth-generation family company, founded in 1883, Vandecasteele

Houtimport specializes in the import, trading and export of Tropical Hardwood from Africa, Southeast Asia and South America, Scandinavian and North-American Softwood, North American and European Hardwood.

Its experience and dynamism have made it one of the leading timber companies in Belgium.  20 Hectares of undercover storage stock 120,000m3 of finely presented timbers, allowing to satisfy every order.

Preservation of the forest
In a well-managed forest, only mature trees are harvested which amounts to one to three trees per hectare. After that, felling will not take place for at least 25 years. In this way the forest is preserved for the future.

Rethink everything: a positive evolution in consumer purchasing behaviour.
Customers are increasingly seeking sustainable solutions and are asking questions about certification and the origin of the timber. Buyers are becoming more and more aware of the need to use certified timber.

Masters in diversification
Vandecasteele has a long-term commitment to preserving the forests. Therefor it is of vital importance to use a variety of different timber species.

The family business imports more than 130 different species of timber coming from 40 countries and has over 120,000 cubic meters in stock, mainly certified hard and softwoods.

The strengths of Vandecasteele Houtimport are the strong environmental credentials, he huge stock, the variety of timber species and sizes and the prompt delivery from stock. – Belgium