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In this issue of Building and Construction Review we are delighted to award Elevate for its Commitment to Excellence in Developing a One-Stop Management Solution Software for the Construction Industry.

Project management in the construction industry often requires a triangular pulling of heads between the client, architect, contractor, and sub-contractor, not to mention health & safety and contractual law, fire safety post-Hackitt review, urban planning law and a drive towards carbon neutral footprints. It’s no wonder that project managers can feel under immense pressure knowing that all processes, no matter how small or large can create a delay, which in turn has a knock on effect to other works.

Elevate offers a different / guided way of working and has been designed by Steven McGowan who has over 43 years’ experience working in the construction industry: from the early days as an apprentice joiner, to climbing the ranks managing sub-contractor, Main Contractors and finally as a consultant.

Steve realised that three elements always had a major effect on a project and its outcome. These been Design, Finance, and Construction, any of these modules not completed on time had major effects on the following module finishing their works on time, anyone could have an issue and in the worst cases All three at the same.

Steve then sketched out the dependencies and information flows, of the construction process and elevate was born.

With the main Brief of the company /software, to provide a one stop solution for the construction industry, which assists all to manage and guide the undertaking and completion of a construction project, no matter how big or small, and all at a very reasonable cost, making it accessible to everyone.

Elevate manages design, finance, and construction, and seamlessly links all the processes together to guide all, increase productivity and reduce risk. Elevate is perfect for a construction company of any size and at the same time also allows for individuals to undertake their own project. This is achieved through each different sector electronically linked to each other, giving a comprehensive and easy to use guide for any project.

We spoke to Steve who highlighted how good Elevate is and why it comes so unrivalled in the industry.

“The software covers all instances within the management of a construction project and eliminates the duplication of works, which occurs between the different sectors. This creates huge savings in management time which in turn improves productivity and removes stress.

With features like the automatic programme which creates actual working programmes is the first of its kind, and with auto payment calculations as a minimum, everyone is protected financially.

The software has been developed from real experience, with specific emphasis on the end users, and their interface with the data screens, which have been designed so anyone with a basic understanding can set up and use the software.

Elevate also understands budgets are very tight, to help keep costs down elevate decided to have no shareholders, this extended the development time, but allowed costs to be as low as possible which gives access for everyone, not just the ones with the deepest pockets!”

Elevate then looked at the training required for the end user, with Elevate decided that minimal training only, would be allowed for, so training requirements have been set to the absolute minimum.

Steve then moved to quality and stated “we ensured that all products are tested to the highest standards to ensure smooth operation and interfaces. In addition, we have set up a customer services instant chat where customers can talk to an expert regarding any advice or problems, and this ensures the end user isn’t left alone with the product. Having a strong and instant customer services system is vital to reducing overall stress which hopefully will make work enjoyable again.

The system has been developed from within the industry and deals with what happens on projects and what decisions must be made and how the decisions can have an effect further down the line. It also links the items that are not project / site based where decisions and performances away from the project can have a massive effect on the project itself.
The software has specifically been designed to help and assist all, to reduce stress in the workplace, to be kind on the environment, help and assist the end users.”

After a strong and successful 14 months of live testing now complete, Elevate has its sights set on the future where it will continue growing, investing, learning and listening. Steve commented on the future dynamic of the company, “the company will push hard and invest in R&D to ensure its standards are kept and that its products spread to help everyone in any field. We started from nothing with 15 years of development including 4 years of testing, and now the system is second to none at a very reasonable cost.”

Elevate can save your overall project up to 14% due to the unique way the system is automated and how seamlessly it can guide you in the right direction. A commitment to excellence can be portrayed through acts of being consistent in behaviour, paying attention, focussing on the happiness of the customer and delivering what is asked for. Elevate answers all these requirements and more. In light of this, we asked Steve how the company felt achieving our Commitment to Excellence Award.

“The Commitment to Excellence is a highly sort after award and is in recognition for the company and its employees regarding its products and services it offers. Thank you.”

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