The growth of Green Roofs and Carlisle’s Root Resistant Portfolio: A solution for sustainable living

As our towns and cities grow thanks to increasingly high density property development, a lack of green spaces has a wide-reaching impact on people, wildlife and the environment. Green roofs provide an opportunity for new buildings to be part of the solution; addressing the need for homes, businesses and public services, while providing green spaces that offer a boost to wellbeing, habitats and urban drainage.

CARLISLE’s Green roof specification: A solution for sustainable living
Carlisle Construction Materials has wide-ranging experience of green roof build-ups with a number of waterproofing system solutions that offer both root-resistance and the robust performance required to protect the building with a fit-and-forget roof covering suitable for a buried application.

For example, the RESITRIX® waterproofing system from Carlisle – a hybrid roof covering that combines the elasticity of EPDM with the robustness of a bituminous membrane in a single ply system – is often specified for green roof projects. The roofing system has a certified 50-year service life, as tested by the Institute Süddeutsches Kunststoff Zentrum (SKZ), and offers excellent root resistance. The system also has excellent sustainability credentials, ensuring it aligns with both the functionality and sustainability requirements of biophilia-focused projects.

RESTRIX® was the system specified for the Earth Lab, an environmentally-focused education centre in Oxfordshire, developed by the Earth Trust. The project saw the Trust redevelop an existing barn and RESITRIX® was specifically chosen due to its environmental credentials and high flexibility. The Carlisle FG40 solvent-free primer was used to prime the deck and the 100% root resistant properties of RESTRIX®, both across the body of the membranes and at the seams, meant that it no separate root resistant cap sheet layer was required.

Carlisle’s ARBOFLEX® PU liquid waterproofing is often frequently specified as the roof covering as part of a green roof build-up. For example, at Neptune Wharf, a major residential development comprising eleven apartment blocks in East London, each block has been specified with the ARBOFLEX® PU 20-year liquid waterproofing system, which will provide excellent root resistance, along with ease and speed of installation and effective waterproofing protection.

The SURE-WELD® TPO roofing system from Carlisle is also ideal for green roof projects, with root resistance tested to DIN EN 13948:2007. SURE-WELD®’s advantages for large flat roof areas makes this an excellent choice for industrial or warehousing projects, as well as for projects that combine green roofs with solar installations.

Finally, Carlisle’s HERTALAN® Easy Cover EPDM roofing system is also suitable for green roofs. With FLL-approved root resistance, a 50-year service life and enviable environmental credentials, including recyclability at the end of its lifecycle, HERTALAN® Easy Cover offers another green roof option from Carlisle.

Making the right choice
The right choice of green roof specification begins with the most suitable waterproofing system. CARLISLE’s expert team can advise on the most appropriate system solution from the company’s varied roofing range, aligned to the design and buildability requirements of the project.

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