Thermal isolation and anti-shock specialists

Established in 2006, Thermal Breaks Limited is based on a constant growing demand from specialised insulation products from its parent company AK Rubber & Industrial Supplies Ltd. Experts in thermal isolation and precision levelling solutions, Thermal Breaks Limited is committed to supplying high quality products manufactured from premium quality materials in a range of grades to suit customer needs.

Thermal breaks are used in steel-to-steel and steel-to-concreate applications. Each application helps to prevent thermal transfer from the exterior of structure, in to the internal structure via the steel framework. For steel-to-concreate, the thermal break greatly reduces heat loss into the concrete foundation or slab and provides better insulation for the structure.

Thermal Breaks Limited have partnered with Trimble Solutions UK to produce a comprehensive and innovative software Tekla Plug-in component for Tekla Structures. Tekla Structures is an advanced BIM application that includes valuable construction information, such as component properties specifications, and essential manufacturer references.

The Plug-in tool allows Tekla Structures’ users to ensure the correct design and detailed information is applied throughout the project, from conceptual planning to fabrication and construction.

Thermal Breaks Limited also provide numerous other applications. TekTherm™ is a high-performance insulator used between internal and external connections to prevent thermal bridging. TekVibe™ (coming soon) is made from materials with low natural frequency, making an ideal product for shock absorption and vibration isolation. TekPack™ are high quality shims, designed to flex and absorb shock when required. TekSlide™ are low friction slide bearings that allow for movement caused by a temperature change.

Acoustic Attenuation is a high quality and high-performance noise reduction and thermal insulation range. Lastly, its Load Bearing Rubber are fibre reinforced load bearing pads manufactured using recycled high-quality tyres resulting in an economical friendly product.

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