Unblocktober Campaign Gains High-Profile Support


As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the condition of the UK’s sewers and waterways, Lanes Group has launched Unblocktober, a groundbreaking new campaign that aims to raise awareness of the simple steps everyone can take to protect their nation’s drains from blockages and pollution.


The month-long challenge runs throughout October, and will encourage participants to commit to avoiding putting certain items down their drains or toilets for the whole month, including wet wipes, plastic products, and fat, oil and grease. By taking part in Unblocktober, businesses and homeowners will be doing their bit to aid the fight against the widespread pollution affecting so many of the UK’s waterways at present.


The objectives of Unblocktober are as clear as they are important – which is why the campaign can now count some of the UK’s leading businesses, public bodies and industry organisations among its supporters.


Unblocktober: an official part of the national Love Water campaign

One of the most important endorsements Unblocktober has received so far has been its inclusion as an official part of the Love Water campaign, a nationwide initiative designed to mobilise the British public to help safeguard the UK’s water resources for future generations.


Spearheaded by the Environment Agency, Water UK and close to 40 other organisations, Love Water is designed to promote the protection of British water sources and supplies through national water-saving initiatives – and Unblocktober has been identified as an important way of helping to protect the crucial drainage infrastructure necessary to achieve these goals.


This marks the first time that such a large group of partners has worked together with businesses and consumers to tackle issues such as pollution and wastage, and Lanes Group is proud to be part of such a potentially monumental campaign – one that will encourage the public to make a big difference through small changes.


The full list of Love Water partners includes:

The Environment Agency

  •     Water UK
  •     Ofwat
  •     Consumer Council for Water
  •     WaterAid
  •     Angling Trust
  •     National Union of Students
  •     Wildlife and Countryside Link
  •     University of West of England, Bristol
  •     Affinity Water
  •     British Canoeing
  •     University of East Anglia
  •     National Farmers Union
  •     The British Natural History Consortium
  •     Waterwise
  •     Sainsbury’s
  •     Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
  •     Refill
  •     The Rivers Trust
  •     RSPB
  •     BinIt4Beaches Partnership
  •     The Blueprint for Water Partnership
  •     Yorkshire Water
  •     Thames Water
  •     South Staffordshire Water
  •     Severn Trent Water
  •     Hafren Dyfrdwy
  •     South East Water
  •     Wessex Water
  •     Anglian Water
  •     United Utilities
  •     Affinity Water
  •     Northumbrian Water
  •     Southern Water
  •     Bristol Water
  •     Essex and Suffolk Water
  •     City to Sea


You can find out more about the Love Water campaign here.

More organisations signing up every day

In addition to the support Unblocktober is receiving from our Love Water partners, the campaign continues to attract interest from across the British business community, with more and more organisations getting involved every day.

Here are just a few of the supporters that have already pledged their commitment to Unblocktober:

  •     The Future Water Association
  •     Fab Little Bag
  •     United Utilities
  •     UKSTT


Additionally, some of the organisations getting involved in Unblocktober have explained the reasons why they have been so keen to support Lanes on this campaign:


“There is so much confusing information out there about what is flushable and what isn’t. Unblocktober is a great opportunity for us to help share more information about what we can and can’t flush and how non-flushable items, such as wet wipes and sanitary towels, are polluting our rivers and seas.”

The Rivers Trust


“With 600,000 km of sewers and drains under our feet, it’s time to give TLC to our most valuable, and yet out of sight, asset. It’s brilliant to see what Unblocktober is here, challenging us to pay attention to our hidden underground friend, so we look after it properly and help the environment.”

Paul Horton, Chief Executive Officer, the Future Water Association


“With the success of other campaigns like Dry January and Movember, I think Unblocktober is a great way of educating people about the problems caused because of unflushable items ending up down the drain.”

Henry Badman, biodiversity manager, Thames Water


“We’re thrilled to be supporting the Unblocktober campaign, raising awareness of the impact fat, oil, grease, wet wipes and more can have on our sewer network and environment, and helping people understand that only the 3Ps – pee, poo and paper – should be put down the loo, and all food waste in the bin.”

Elvira Gabos, FOG & unflushables project manager, Southern Water


For more information and endorsements from our supporters, check out the Unblocktober website.

How can I get involved?

Whether you are a business or an individual, it couldn’t be easier to join these organisations in taking part in the first ever Unblocktober campaign.

All you have to do is sign up, either as an individual or as a business, to receive your official Unblocktober information pack, then avoid putting the following items down their drains or toilets for the whole month:

  •     Cooking oil – pre or post-cooking
  •     Margarine
  •     Butter
  •     Lard
  •     Cooking sauces and condiments
  •     Food – even crumbs!
  •     Anything containing plastic, including:


  •         Wet wipes
  •         Tampons, applicators and wrappers
  •         Sanitary/menstrual pads and towels
  •         Nappies
  •         Condoms
  •         Cotton buds
  •         Contact lenses
  •         Bandages and plasters
  •         Razor blades
  •         Dental floss


To help you out, we’ll send you a free Unblocktober resource pack, which contains tips, advice, checklists, equipment lists, stories from other participants, and much more.

If you’re ready to join some of the UK’s biggest organisations in doing your bit to save our sewers and seas, then don’t delay – sign up for Unblocktober today!

T 0800 526 488