Wallbed Systems: No compromise on safety, comfort and ease of operation

Wallbed Systems Ltd (WBS) is a London-based global business providing an exclusive range of wall bed hardware designs to furniture manufacturers, hardware distributors, retailers, and hospitality contractors worldwide, for over 20 years.

Library bookcase design for our NeXT bed

Initially a major supplier to the USA market, Wallbed Systems Ltd (WBS) has been designing & manufacturing spring systems, allowing for safe & precise tension adjustments and easy lifting, with no compromise on comfort or convenience. Sales coverage includes over 22 countries.

Let’s focus on three of its most popular products globally.

The Alpha bed – a best seller design in 20 countries
The Alpha bed system is available in standard and special sizes, vertical and horizontal mounting, with a choice of leg options and even a desk. The lightweight Alpha bed frames feature robust steel construction with reinforcing stiffeners, available in single, double, queen, and king sizes. This system includes the adjustable SBLM for perfect balance and easy, safe fingertip operation. Disappearing desk available too.

Hallmarks of WBS design
WBS wall beds are easy to install, fit mattresses up to 300mm, and ensure a great night’s sleep. They include a counterbalance spring mechanism, frames, mountings, pivot system, springs, and fasteners. Powder-coated parts are ergonomic and durable, and the beds open and close with minimal effort.

NeXT bed
The latest NeXT bed offers an immediate, ready-to-use solution with or without a cabinet, providing comfort like a conventional bed. Products are stocked globally, with advice available on options and sizes.

For more information on the full product range and cabinet designs:
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