Waterproofing you can rely on

Carlisle CM Europe (CCM Europe) manufacture high quality EPDM waterproofing membranes for flat roofing, façade systems and building solutions for the construction industry.

CCM Europe is a dynamic company with ease of installation and durable roofing systems including EPDM & Liquid Waterproofing. As a leading manufacturer of waterproofing membranes and sealants, our market leading products are suited for a wide range of flat roof substrates for both new build and refurb.

CCM Europe has proven EPDM membranes, accessories and flat roofing solutions for roofers, architects, contractors, and distributors. The company’s product portfolio consists of many market leading brands such as Resitrix®, Hertalan®, Alutrix®, ARBO®, ARBOFLEX® PU, and “Resitrix® which is BBA certified and award-winning hybrid EPDM membrane that offers customers reliable waterproofing in both refurbishment and new build projects. The market leading advantages of Resitrix® lie in the unique combination of materials: the synthetic rubber EPDM and polymer-modified bitumen – making it a durable hybrid membrane. Our extremely flexible, single-layer waterproofing membrane can thus be applied on almost all substrates.

The membranes are welded together quickly, easily and safely using a hot-air device without any need for naked flames,” stated Shail Chauhan, Marketing Manager.

As a dedicated sealant manufacture, CCM Europe is able to supply products that meet any requirement. Its ARBO® brand sealants are designed for the professional and is a well-respected product range throughout the building, glazing, construction, and architectural industries.

One particular product worth noting is the ARBOFLEX® PU, a single component liquid made from pure polyurethane which, once cured, forms a seamless elastic membrane without any joints. The material properties of ARBOFLEX® PU enable it to be air tight and waterproof on a range of substrates.
Alongside its high performance and wear-resistant membrane, ARBOFLEX® PU can adapt to any surface: uneven, curved or irregular, and with its fast-curing properties can be walked on in 24 hours. Comprised of one component that can be applied straight out of the tin, it allows for fast and easy installation, is green roof compatible and weather resistant, so it can be used all-year round.

“ARBOFLEX® PU Liquid is the newest product to our portfolio that is very easy to applicate and looks sleek in its finishing format,” said Shail. The ARBOFLEX® PU is part of the ARBOFLEX® product range that consists of ARBOFLEX® PU UV PROTECT, ARBOFLEX® PU THICKENER, ARBOFLEX® MATT, ARBOFLEX® PU ACCELERATOR, AND ARBOFLEX® PU SEALANT. ARBOFLEX® PU is BBA certified and available in 6kg and 20kg tins.

CCM Europe is not only dedicated to offering state of the art EPDM flat roofing seal solutions, but to also extend its expertise and knowledge to other professionals through its dedicated EPDM and PU Liquid system roofing training courses at the CARLISLE® ACADEMY. Designed by professionals for professionals, with a view that knowledge is sustainable material. The more you share it, the more you get back. The training content is intended to enable attendees to learn of the proven advantages of EPDM water-proofing solutions relating to roofs, façades and building in an up-close and hands-on manner. For more information, visit www.academy.ccm-europe.com

Allowing for change creates space for continuous growth and a new perspective. Shail commented some recent changes to the company: “We have recently strengthened our sales and distribution network covering the UK and the ROI market. We have also welcomed a few new members to our sales team, Charlie Patrick and Crawford McAllister. Charlie looks after our Eastern region and Crawford looks after the North and Scotland. Both have had previous experience in the roofing sector and are amazing additions to our team.”

With ambitions to continue their impressive growth, CCM Europe plans to keep collating together more opportunities for further development. As a dynamic company that aims to support and motivate its people as much as possible, it is continuing to review and develop new products all the time.

For trade & sales enquiries contact us on:
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