Im-MAC-ulate timber framed buildings from MAC Cabins

Located in Okehampton, Devon, in the heart of South West of England, MAC Cabins cover Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset, providing the largest selection of timber buildings, log cabins, leisure and holiday cabins, and glamping pods.

Founded amidst the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020 by Managing Director Dirk McFarlane-Aitken, initially the idea was to separate the timber building sector from his existing property renovation and development company. “I am proud to say that in just a very short period of time, we have come a long way, with our vast variety of cabin and timber building designs, partner manufacturers and sustainably produced products. I have vast knowledge and expertise working in the leisure and holiday sector combined with experience across many
areas of the construction and property industry,” stated Dirk.

This large level of experience equates to over 30 years across both industries to which not many can offer the same level of expertise as. To complement its extensive range of timber buildings, MAC Cabins also offers a vast variety of other Timber Frame and Modular Frame options, providing one of the widest ranges of timber building selections within the market-sector.

Whether you’re looking for a cabin to be used for business or personal use, MAC Cabins will work with you to ensure you get the desired outcome you have always dreamt of. Its cabin range includes Glamping pods, Garages, Office pods and Tiny Homes that come in a choice of different designs such as Atlantic, MAC West Country, Air, and North Coast.

“Our post and beam classic range continue to be popular where multiple use is required. When combined with accommodation over garages or workspaces, this space provides a perfect annex, home office, or holiday rental unit, with the ability to tailor the design to suit the clients’ exacting requirements,” said Dirk.

Beautifully chunky and made with solid timber for a more traditional style building, the MAC Classic Traditional Post & Beam Buildings come in Oak or Douglas Fir and can be made completely bespoke to the customers exact requirements. Each kit comes with the highest specification including a Sarked Roof – perfect for a watertight roof and Post Levelling System – enabling you to cope with sloping or out of level foundations. Offering complete simplicity in construction, erecting your building of choice is made easy with pre-cut rafters and all other timbers precision manufactured combining with MAC Cabins unique connective system to reduce overall time on-site.

There are ways to customise your building to enable more space, some of which could include using fewer supporting posts in your structure, using larger spans to result in less components and less work, and by using a habitable roof space that requires less additional intrusive support. The MAC Classic Post & Beam Timber Frame Building kits are available for use as a car port or as a garage and there are over 15 ready to go designs on the company’s website to erect as it is, or to add to.

What truly sets MAC Cabins apart from its competitors is the dedicated service provided to each client ensuring the best option is chosen to suit their exact requirements, this could be for a single or multiple plot site. MAC Cabins works alongside small and large property developers to identify the best way to convert the customers vision into reality. Some previous clients have been from holiday parks, resorts, self-build projects and even home owners looking to start or expand on private Air BnB properties.

Of course the effects of COVID-19 were devastating for many businesses, and the construction industry was hit hard with the dramatic increase for timber prices. Initially this was due to a surge in demand from homeowners seeking their DIY projects throughout lockdown. As a result and since restrictions have eased, timber stock became very limited throughout that time. Dirk explained, “Throughout COVID-19, timber mill productions were forced to close down globally. Thankfully, we have seen an easing in this market and are hopeful that prices will level out. On a positive note during this time, more people began to adopt a working from home stance which showed an increase in garden rooms and home offices, initially. Since then, we have seen an increase in the demand for private home owners to take advantage of the staycation market, by either creating or expanding their Air BnB income streams. Holiday resorts, holiday parks and other leisure businesses have also seen the potential in increasing their holiday accommodation offering.”

Many employees and employers have now adopted a hybrid way of working with the option to work from home now being accepted as the new normal. However, not many homes are set up for home working, and finding a place to sit quietly and take Zoom meetings for example, can prove difficult. An extra cabin or structure in the garden could be an easy solution, allowing you more space to work as well as being beneficial for the entire household.

MAC Cabins offers a modern range of Office Pods that are fully insulated, providing a much-needed sanctuary away from the home for a perfect working environment. Business owners wanting to continue working from home can finance their new home office and spread the cost of any MAC Cabin range with approved finance as all MAC Office buildings qualify for asset lease finance.

There is much more to come from MAC Cabins in the future as Dirk summarised, “We are continuously evolving as more and more enquiries come in from differing market-sectors. We will continue to expand our extensive range of timber building options from modular units (glamping pods) to self-build kit homes. It’s vital our customers have the option to select the perfect combination of style, size and price for their building of choice and be left confident knowing they will find the perfect solution to meet their growing demands with us. We can vouch that with every building they will receive a structure that has a higher standard specification than most other comparable products on the market.”

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