A solution for all your underfloor heating and liquid floor screed needs

Easyflow offers you with a single point of contact and a turnkey solution for all your underfloor heating and liquid floor screed needs. From designing and installing your underfloor heating, to a full laser survey on site, to the supply and installation of your liquid floor screed.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating
Up to 30 per cent lower running costs than radiators; Avoid overheating and energy waste – heats more efficiently using just 35 degree water; Low carbon footprint; Can be used in conjunction with any heat source; Completely versatile, lay tiles, carpet, or wood; Control remotely.

Benefits of Liquid Floor Screed
Reduced screed thickness; Better heat conductivity; Fast drying and thermally guaranteed options; Can be force dried; Greater compressive strength than traditional screeds; Levels survey carried out for accuracy; Environmentally friendly.

Underfloor Heating
We are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best in underfloor heating systems, together with customer care above and beyond expectations. Our experienced consultants are dedicated to investing their time in planning and designing your underfloor heating system, ensuring that you are supplied with an underfloor system of the very highest standard.

Liquid Floor Screed
Anyhydrite flowing floor screeds are based on a synthetic anyhydrite binder rather than OPC Cement giving them many unique benefits over cement screeds, the most obvious difference is their fluid application compared to semi dry cement screeds, but they also offer higher compressive and flexural strength, lower shrinkage, eliminate reinforcement, improve surface finish and greatly improved underfloor heating performance.

Faster-drying Screeds
Easyflow can now supply a range of faster-drying products that can offer reduced drying times – 10 days for tiling and 28 days for wooden floors in non-heated floors, in heated floors 14 days for tiling and 21 days for wooden floors.

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