Sustainable wood flooring and cladding

Since being established as a timber merchant in 1975 by the Whiley family, Havwoods has become renowned in the UK and worldwide as a leader in the wood flooring market, both technologically and aesthetically.

With headquarters in Carnforth, Lancashire, Havwoods also has showrooms in London and Manchester, as well as business operations in Australia and a further three showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and Newcastle. The company also has a growing business in North America with a showroom in New York, plus its first entrance into the Canadian market with a showroom in Toronto. To further its global reach, Havwoods also works with numerous partners across the world including India, UAE, Portugal, New Zealand and beyond.

“We provide global solutions for the wood flooring and wood cladding market,” explains Paul Moody, Global Marketing and Digital Director. “We offer an end-to-end design and product consultation service to ensure we supply the best possible product to meet the customer’s needs, whether that’s residential end users, the architecture & design industry, or tradesmen and contractors.”

Sustainability in the heart
Sustainability and acquiring materials from sustainably responsible sources are extremely important aspects of the business for Havwoods. “Sustainability is increasingly vital to us,” Paul Moody says. “Today our clients are looking for more and more healthy materials in their specifications, with clear accreditations. At Havwoods we are continuously taking new steps to improve our actions in this area, and we do our utmost to ensure that our timber is ethically and sustainably sourced by working only with reputable timber companies. We require an independent certification to verify our timber sources, and this certification is available to our clients on request. Many of our products are certified by key international forestry accreditations.”

Introducing HavSeal™
In line with the company’s approach to sustainability Havwoods has recently introduced their own seal of approval called HavSeal™. This ensures that further measures are continuously taken to support sustainability, and the care of the regional ecology is considered by the responsible timber sources. HavSeal is awarded only to products that exceed the already high standards needed to ensure entry into the Havwoods portfolio.

Havwoods’ Head of Global Product Compliance, Darren Mayes, says: “As regulation and market demands grow for more eco-friendly products we wanted to add our own stamp of approval to products deriving from well-managed sources, considering sustainability, ecology, production and waste. HavSeal not only enhances the profile of each product but also provides a higher-level platform for manufacturers to attain.”

Darren Mayes continues: “With the HavSeal criteria products are awarded points according to environmental accreditation, the health of the material, the production process and the material’s waste generation. Products that achieve five points are endorsed with Green Seal of approval, and those attaining six or more points will achieve a Gold Seal.”

Building upon its decades of success, Havwoods is continuing to ensure it stays up to date with customers’ ever-changing needs. Through developing its digital tools, accreditation as well as expertise around care, maintenance and installation, Havwoods ensures it remains versatile and adaptable enough to stay abreast of customers’ challenges.

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