A year of progression

Only three months on from winning our Timber Build Products & Services Award, Timbabuild Structures Limited has won our Timber Company of the Year Award due to its continuous progression in the industry to create innovative designs and constructions.

It has most certainly been a year of progression for us. Our client base is growing, with many repeat customers returning for further works. We have taken on two further members of staff and invested in more efficient and greener machinery. We have also focused further efforts in material supply only for clients, where we get great discounts, we let them buy their materials through us from the same supplier, but cheaper. Sales have been steady and as expected turnover is up on last year which can only be a good thing,î stated Paul Harvey, Managing Director.

Since 1991, Paul has worked hard to develop the business into a wide-ranging timber manufacturing company, that can provide anything from a one-off shelf or garden gate, through to a multisite unit. Timbabuild Structures can cater for all of your structural requirements through its small team of professionally trained and experienced tradesmen whose years of expertise make them the most reliable and trustworthy craftsmen of choice. Its consistently high-quality levels on consistency and professionalism within the industry boasts five-star reviews across the board, from clients who not only appreciate the incredible designs and constructions but also the time and attention taken to listen to every single customerís individual requirement.

Our bespoke garden rooms are really popular as we build these to our clientís requirements. Nothing we build is off the shelf, after all, we are building it for the client and not for us. Therefore, why should they be governed by other peopleís imagination! We do exactly what the client wants as we are working for them to give them what they ask for, not what we want. As long as it is legal, complies with regulations, and is possible, we will do it.îî said Paul.

As a recent effort to improve its eco-friendly credentials, Timbabuild has invested heavily into greener and more efficient tooling for its services. This will no doubt have a huge knock-on effect to bringing on further staff and bring able to offer a wider choice of services and products in the future. 

The company has also been busy helping out with a local charity sponsorship fund raising event across social media. In partnership with Gwel-an-Mor’s 5-star resort in Cornwall, together they are running a competition selling raffle tickets to win a luxury holiday at the resort worth £800. All tickets are £10 and the funds will go towards the World Scouting Jamboree 2023.

Evidently, Timbabuild is a leader in its field because, ultimately, it understands how to work with its clients to bring them the best-in-class timber products. We asked Paul what benefits their products and services bring to clients compared to other companies who offer the same and he answered, We offer a complete and transparent contract, with an open-door policy. The client gets to see everything from estimates to drawings and invoices. We also share an online folder with the client, where everything is stored and they have full access to this 24/7, until the completion of the contract. In this folder they can see absolutely everything to do with the project including images, reports, site diaries, timelapse footage – as we film the entire process for them to keep. We actively encourage the client to aid with the design and as long as it is workable, we will build it. We make sure everything is just how they want it, even if they change their minds, and want to move a wall, which has happened before for example.

For Timbabuild the saying equality over quantity really does ring true throughout its entire ethos. From the initial communication and consultation right through to the end design, the client is sure to have only the best results from their desired outcome. Timbabuild may be smaller than other companies, however, its attention to detail – even if it’s the most minute or insignificant alteration, Paul and his team will be sure to correct it and endeavour to remain transparent with the client across all its services. 

In closing, we asked Paul how he felt receiving the award, he responded, We are honoured! A company is only as good as its team and I feel we have an excellent team that offers an excellent service. We will continue to keep doing what we are doing because if it’s not broken, thereís no need to fix it.

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