Base Structures install temporary weather screening to adapt to fast-moving building project

Base Structures have recently completed the installation of a series of removable and adaptable temporary fabric screens to aid site access at a prominent city center construction site.

To aid protection from rapidly deteriorating weather conditions, the client was looking for temporary screening to secure a 15-storey office building, guaranteeing their programme of work could continue uninterrupted and meet pre-arranged turnaround times.

To meet the requirements of the proposal, Base Structures installed forty-four screens across the length of the building with a total fabric area of 1,800m². Designed to withstand all relevant British Standard wind loadings and fire retardancy requirements, new attachment methods were devised with the client to circumvent existing columns not being appropriate. The results were cost effective, versatile, and offered much more flexibility when considering site conditions and access requirements.

The client, said: “The temporary weathering solution installed by Base Structures is a great design and fitted our needs perfectly. The installation team have maintained an extremely high standard of quality and safety and have delivered the install ahead of the anticipated programme.”

Any Traynor, Head of Installation on the project and Director at Base Structures, added: “These temporary fabric screens help solve a problem for a client at a vital time in their building programme, enabling them to work uninterrupted in areas where building exterior is yet to be completed. Tensile fabric is perfect for this job, as they can be installed quickly with minimal disruption, allowing contractors to get on with the job and fulfil tight turnaround times. These screens are also very easy to dismount, so when they’re no longer needed, we will also remove them”

Base Structures are committed to the upcycling and re-use of tensile fabric that has not yet reached its end of life, and our zero-landfill policy means that screens like this can find another useful life elsewhere.

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