Bartels & Vedder BV

Bartels & Vedder BV is an engineering and consultancy agency, specialising in engineering infrastructures, land based buildings, floating structures and flood proof building.

The company is founded in 2011 after its owners developed numerous new building techniques and floating foundations since 2004 in a development and engineering firm.

Together with a team of specialist, who use an integrated and interdisciplinary approach and in addition to traditional construction, infrastructure, and non-residential construction also serves the area of off-shore and floating. At Bartels & Vedder, we pride ourselves on working as a team with specialists, from feasibility studies to actual realisation of the project, working on innovations and making buildings possible. This all from a practical sense and coming with realistic solutions.

We have done the feasibility study, engineering, supplied the floating techniques, and did the project and site management for one of the larger floating commercial buildings in the world, the floating ferry terminal in Malaysia of 6,000m2.

We also engineered the largest floating office in the world, The Floating Office Rotterdam (FOR), in which we designed
the floating foundations and were the lead engineer of the project.

For more information, please visit:

T +31 6 422 398 53