Luminaires lighting the world

In this issue of Building & Construction Review, we are honoured to select Ingenious Lighting with our Commitment to Excellence.

Ingenious Lighting is a market-leading specialist in the design and manufacture of aesthetically beautiful but including cutting edge technology to create world-leading standard and bespoke-lighting products and systems. Working with only the best expert craftspeople for over 35 years, the company has produced customised luminaires for the following:

  • Blue-chip interior projects
  • Exterior & marine applications
  • Architectural metalworks
  • Turkish & Iznik tiles and ceramic production
  • Decorative glass works
  • Large-scale monolithic marble works (staircases, columns, fountains etc)
  • Traditional woodworks such as: kundekari & marquetry techniques
  • Silversmithing including: hand sawn piercing, chasing, shaping, soldering.
  • Monolithic acrylic production and fabrications in both the USA & Thailand

One such case-study is the ice bar and reception lighting for the five-star Radisson Bucharest Hotel. Ingenious Lighting’s Founder and Design Director, Simon Rozenberg designed the stunning ICE BAR with both white & blue lighting, giving the impression of floating, mystical lanterns from eye-level to ceiling height. With in-ground blue LED wall washers at the base of the columns, the lighting gives off elegant hues of indigo, violet and pale, majestic mauve. The overall effect is chic-futuristic: relaxing and yet, beautifully idiosyncratic.

With an accomplished background in Product Design, CAD and Solid-State Lighting, Simon brings innovative flair to the global lighting design & manufacturing industry and is always looking to push aesthetic lighting boundaries, alongside a team of partners.

Ingenious Lighting has a triple-hat trick in new product development, with its ingenious new LED skylights, V2 engines and Deck-60 for marine applications. The LED skylights come in two varieties: Type “D” and “T” for a versatile addition.

Many international hotels around the world have struggled with the energy efficiency of ES/BC based LED lamps in hotel conference rooms and bedrooms. The costs of replacement lamps and labour was excessive and more pertinently in the age of sustainability, the lamps were not recyclable. Ingenious Lighting is wholly committed to the circular economy and designed the V2 engine, for usage in both 240VAC and LV-DC. With “TRIAC” dimming control and 12V constant current versions, the V2 can power for a phenomenal 50,000 hours, allowing hotels to focus on customer service expertise with patrons. The V2- IP66 design is currently being perfected for an ambitious project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Thirdly, the DECK-60 by Ingenious Lighting is an impressive bespoke project-orientated product, designed and manufactured in-house for marine usage. Using a robust 316 Stainless steel and bronze construction, the 300lm LED is sealed in a waterproof bulkheads/backbox and again, provide 50,000 lighting hours.

We spoke with luminaire extraordinaire, Founder and Design Director, Simon Rozenberg to find out what makes this company so unique,

“We work as a co-operative, collaboratively with lighting designers, architects & M&E contractors, considering all aspects of the technical, aesthetic and budgetary brief. This harmonious way of working allows us to streamline our talents together and puts us way ahead of our competitors.

Our partners include: RZB, CoeLux, CNC lighting, RK Lite, PUK & Diamante- this gives us an eclectic, diverse product resource to call upon at all times. Ingenious Lighting manages and collates all the product information, expertly designing and engineering all the bespoke products as required.

We are proud to say that we have spent the last 35 years developing and manufacturing products for the best lighting designers, architects and their respective global blue-chip projects.”

The pedigree and calibre of these quality collaborations brings exceptional design to the foreground: CoeLux allows customers to experience the sky with their original creation of the Virtual LED skylight 60HC installation. CoeLux are masters of scenography, optimising natural light and space through high-end LED sources and nano-structure panelling.

Award-winning RZB Lighting have been lighting manufacturers for over 80 years, they manufacture an extensive range of architectural, commercial and industrial products and have been the recipients of numerous industrial prizes including ‘iF’ Design Awards and Light & Building Awards. The latest exclusive range of pendants employ cutting-edge 6mm clear acrylic

Diamante Lighting are masters at versatile lighting designs for extreme climatic conditions, from freezing Baltic winters to the Arabian Peninsula. With expert knowledge on all aspects, from installation to bespoke adaptions, they can offer a full portfolio of outdoor lighting products, with variations in beam angle, light flux and dimensions,

Ingenious Lighting offers a truly bespoke-service to customers around the world including: initial research and design concept, patent searching, prototyping, CAD- design, to meticulous testing, expert manufacturing, packaging and dispatching. On more than one occasion, ‘thinking outside the box’ is required, such as using a helicopter to lift, transport and position a specially-manufactured Creart Brass & Gilded roof section!

We asked Simon what the rest of 2023 had in store for Ingenious Lighting,

“We are excited to reveal our plans for the opening of the Ingenious Dubai office, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in conjunction with RKLITE & CNC Lighting.

RKLITE & CNC Lighting were established in India in 1961, when they set up their own factory in the financial centre: Mumbai (then called Bombay), on the West Coast. Through stringent quality control and with their own in-house design studio, these products became widely acclaimed for their unparalleled design aesthetics and their fail-safe durability.

In 1971, the Company started exporting its products, from then onwards, growth at the Rajkamal Trading Corporation took place at an even faster rate. Today, these products have pride of place at leading institutions and establishments all over Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They have a portfolio of valued and prized clients including: The Taj Group of Hotels, The Oberoi Group of Hotels, The Leela Kempinsky Group of Hotels, The Centaur Group of Hotels, Sheraton Hotels and almost all the leading Hospitality organisations across the globe.”

For all initial consultation and quotations, contact Simon Rozenberg to discuss all projects:
T +44 (0) 7785 953715
T +44 (0) 1908-377329