Unveiling of new facility for top London stone fabrication company

In this issue of Building & Construction Review, we are delighted to award Southside Waterjet with our Commitment to Excellence Award.

Southside Waterjet is a market-leading CNC Stone Fabrication company, utilising cutting-edge material CAD technology. Working with the biggest names in construction across London, Southside Waterjet provide expert commercial tile, stone and porcelain fabrication.

Working across bespoke residential and mainly large-scale commercial projects, this expert commercial fabricator can provide everything from kitchen islands, customised flooring, wall coverings, quality worktops and splashbacks, bathrooms, wet rooms to outdoor furniture, swimming pool solutions, to signage, fit-outs to the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors.

Established in 2012 by Managing Director: Peter Noyce, Southside Waterjet prides itself on precision-fabrication techniques to the highest industry-standards, winning repeat custom from contractors. Each member of the team is expertly trained in CAD-3D rendered and technical drawings, allowing a seamless vision of each stage of the project. Furthermore, digital templating provides a state-of-the-art templating solution- especially for measuring and fabricating stair coverings and final templates of kitchen worktops and splashbacks.

All measurements can be expertly reviewed, altered and finally exported as ready-to-see production files for CNC waterjet machines, providing quality assurance throughout. Cutting-edge Digital Slab Creation also lets the team magically transform an image of a slab into a wholly realistic representation. This is ideal for when using the slab for a vein or book matching, for waterfall worktops or feature wall covering.

What stands Southside Waterjet apart from its competitors, is the usage of cutting-edge waterjet technology and its exceptional customer service. Peter is the heart and soul of the company, bringing both passionate know-how and professional customer service to the foreground. The company prides itself on approachability, with Peter often acting as chief salesman and working with customers throughout the whole project process. We asked Peter more about recent company changes and the benefits of waterjet cutting,

“We have just opened our new state-of-the-art, upgraded facility in Beckton, East London. This premises is three times the size of the previous River Thames site, with £500,000 worth of new investment. We are delighted with our 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw and 4 metre waterjet cutters, for improved high-volume capability. The facility is conveniently near the A13 trunk road, for all existing and new customers. Our opening day was perfect- we invited all our loyal customers from architects to building contractors and can’t wait to expand our business further.

Our business is sustained through exceptional word-of-mouth- our customers are expertly looked after, from initial consultation to project completion.

Using twin head waterjet machines, we are able to keep up with high-demand across the commercial construction industry and meet our sustainability targets. The purpose-built water recycling plant at Southside Waterjet’s new facility allows for purposeful water recycling and alongside our recycling programme, we are delighted to be contributing to the UK’s circular economy.”

Waterjet cutting uses a highly-pressurised jet stream of water to cut a variety of materials, similar to how acute erosion would work in nature, changing cliff formations or rock formations. However, waterjet cutting works at higher-volume in a repeated, accurate fashion across materials such as tile, stone and porcelain, in this case.

There are many documented advantages to using waterjet cutting, over alternatives such as laser cutting, such as:

  • Greener technology- no hazardous waste is produced; no cooling oils or lubricants are needed; it enables the recyclability of scrap metal and uses minimal water levels.
  • Precision – accuracy: capability of 0.01 mm accuracy, with detailed cuts/3D shapes.
  • Thickness cutting of 12” of most materials
  • Ability to cut through a wide range of materials from stone, ceramics, metal, glass, wood and rubber (laser machines cannot cut through stone or marble)
  • Cold-cutting process: waterjet cutters won’t overheat areas next to the cutting space, allowing those sections to remain unaffected.
  • No switching cutting tools for new product = easy operationality
  • Versatile cutting – curves, straight edges, lettering to holes, with precision-accuracy and speed.
  • Vastly superior, smooth edge quality- negating need for secondary finishing
  • Cost-effective – low energy, less material disposal = surprisingly lower quotes

Southside Waterjet uses unparalleled Waterjet Sweden NC 30 machines, with two HP pumps, for unbeatable service and now with its new enlarged facility, can offer a quicker turnaround on commercial projects.

Furthermore, the company’s fabrication service allows the highly skilled team to flawlessly transform any original idea into a unique project. Using next-generational CAD technology, precision CNC waterjet cutting enables the craft of raw materials into high-quality design solutions, with unparalleled precision and endless creative possibilities. To further enable this, edge profiling adds meticulous, beautiful visual details to any project.

Southside Waterjet can design three edge profiles:

  • Mitred
  • Bevelled
  • Semi Bull Nose

Some illustrations of how edge profiling can be applied include:

KITCHENS: from contemporary to traditional kitchen styles, the edging profile of worktops can harmoniously complement the finished outcome.
SWIMMING POOLS: Anti-slip grooves and finger grips can be cut into tiles surrounding swimming pools, with pool side grating fabricated from the same material to seamlessly carry away standing water from the pool’s edge.
STEP TREADS AND STAIRCASES: In high traffic areas of commercial and retail environments, anti-slip features can be added to stair treads or for a higher end look finished with metal inserts in a metal of your choice.

Surface profiling proves useful when it comes to abrasive blasting, as it is used to smooth a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface. Abrasive blasting is commonly used by the expert in-house team to create decorative embossing effects and as a lasting-branding solution.

Or for an alternative finish, with stone now being the most popular choice for worktops and flooring, Stone Polishing can be applied, and due to its inherent durability and longevity, the polished finish is high-end and often referred to as the ‘height of luxury.’

The website includes recent case studies such as the All-England Lawn Tennis Club and Field Cottage, complete with a stunning portfolio of visual imagery, to give prospective companies an idea of the high-end refurbishment quality.

To talk to Managing Director: Peter Noyce or to enquire further, see the details below:

T 02032 212133