Bikeaway: The most secure cycle locker in the UK

Fire Safety
When fitted with the optional Pyroplex Safex Fire Seal, Warrior Horizontal works particularly well for storing E-bikes indoors by eliminating the spread of fire and smoke from any potential fire hazard. They are better for housekeeping as can be managed and keep all equipment contained, keeping the cycle store free from clutter which is a concern amongst fire officers.

Fire flames on black background

For new developments, giving home-buyers the option to purchase them with their property will more than recoup the expense.

BikeAway has over 20 years’ experience building secure cycle parking. In addition to the Horizontal unit, our Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond accredited Warrior range of cycle lockers and hangars has a product for every requirement. Our design team are constantly improving our products to meet the changing needs of today’s cyclists and can now offer a Solar Charging kit for E-bikes and Smart Phone based NFC access to allow cycle parking to be booked online for short term use.

To discuss your secure cycle parking requirements further, please get in touch.

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