Alugate: Bespoke Premium Aluminium Gates

Aluminium gates are an increasingly popular gate choice, but with so many options available, how do you choose?

Like any type of gate, aluminium gate prices vary considerably depending on the options you choose.

Aluminium, as a raw material, is generally more expensive than steel but because aluminium has outstanding strength and durability, a gate made in aluminium will last far longer and it won’t need any maintenance.

There are many types of aluminium gates available from bolted, bonded and screwed to fully welded gates, and in different profile thicknesses. A bolted gate will cost less than a fully welded gate because of the manufacturing process. A thicker profile means more aluminium therefore a higher price.

Alugate’s Managing Director, Stewart Phillips, explains, “If you want an aluminium gate that will last a lifetime, a fully welded gate with a 3mm profile is the perfect choice offering superior strength and durability.

“At Alugate our welded aluminium gates use 3mm aluminium profiles so they’re extremely strong, which means we can manufacture larger gates; up to a 10m opening on swing gates and 8m on a sliding gate.

“Our innovative manufacturing processes combine an internal weld so that water is not retained, a 3-step sanding process ensuring a smooth surface that is perfect for powder coating and super durable Qualicoat class 2 powder coating so they are fully resistant to corrosion – so that you get the very best gates.”

Alugate aluminium gates are custom made and they also offer a free bespoke design service. With a 10-year warranty, an aluminium gate from Alugate will stand the test of time.

Take a look at the new Alugate gate collection at: or give their expert team a call to discuss your requirements on: 0114 3499599.