Carlisle delivers trusted waterproofing solutions for any flat roofing requirement

Carlisle Construction Materials is a name synonymous with innovation in the UK roofing sector. Serving customers from the company’s offices in Nottinghamshire, where it also has a vulcanisation facility, Carlisle also has a production site in Derbyshire, and a further five locations across Europe, along with 41 manufacturing and office locations throughout the USA.

Carlisle’s vision is to build on the company’s existing market-leading portfolio with best in class solutions across a range of roofing and waterproofing technologies, with optimised performance, ease of installation and expert technical support, whatever the specification. Carlisle can mix waterproofing technologies on the same project with a joined-up warranty, and, thanks to its UK manufacturing capabilities and a global R&D capability, the company provides the reliability of a local supply base along with the scale and resources of an international company.

The only company to offer a hybrid bitumen/EPDM flat roofing membrane, with the RESITRIX system, and the first to introduce induction installation for EPDM with the Hertalan system, Carlisle aims to be a complete solutions provider for all building envelope waterproofing requirements. The latest technology to be added to the company’s portfolio is the Arboflex liquid applied roofing membrane; a BBA certified, wet-on-wet PU waterproofing system that provides a completely monolithic roof, with no flames, no laps and no heat. The addition of a liquid applied membrane to Carlisle’s range responds to the growing popularity of liquid systems as a flame and heat-free option that enables complex detailing and flexible work programmes.

In line with what customers expect from the Carlisle brand, the company has brought Arboflex to market as a liquid system that offers tangible advantages over competitors, meeting the needs of both specifiers and roofing contractors and already proving popular, particularly for projects with multiple roof elements and complex detailing.

The benefits of Arboflex
Available as a single component 10-year system or with a U/V protective top coat to extend the warranty to 20 years, Arboflex adds to Carlisle’s single ply capabilities with a liquid system that offers tangible installation and performance benefits.

A single component, one tin system with a glass fibre matting that is laid onto the wet membrane and rollered to draw the liquid through after the first application, Arboflex is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects. It does not require the application of a primer, except on porous concrete surfaces, making it faster and more cost-effective to install, with simple and reliable quality assurance checks. The low odour, moisture curing system cures to touch dry in six hours and is trafficable within 24 hours. It can be applied in dry conditions providing the deck temperature is between 5C and 35C.

The glass fibre matt used with the Arboflex system is more versatile and user friendly than the reinforcement matting often supplied for liquid applied membranes. Available on 1m wide rolls either 60m or 20m in length, it enables the installer to simply tear what they need. It doesn’t crease and if it rips unintentionally, it can be flattened out and completely absorbed in the liquid waterproofing. Much thinner than polyester matting too, it provides completely invisible laps, delivering a truly seamless roof surface.

The combination of the Arboflex liquid applied membrane and glass fibre matting is suitable for any flat roof, podium deck, terrace, balcony or walkway, and makes detailing easier and neater for improved performance. The glass fibre matt enables the roofing contractor to verify that they have applied the correct amount of liquid membrane to the substrate, avoiding any risk of blistering or cracking to deliver consistent performance with every installation. Arboflex liquid is applied to the roof, followed by the matting. Once the liquid membrane has been drawn through the tiny holes in the matting, the installer can carry out simple visual QA checks verifying that the waterproof covering is around 1.5mm thick.

In addition to the core Arboflex system, the Arboflex range offers solutions for vertical details and semi-pitched roofs, green roofs, and rooftop plant areas. The thickener for vertical and pitched surfaces can be mixed into the liquid membrane on site. While green and trafficable roofs simply need an application of the Arboflex top coat to provide root resistance and additional durability for the roof-top installation.

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Ideal for refurbishment onto virtually any legacy system Arboflex provides a seamless, monolithic roof surface, making it perfect for roofs or balconies. It joins a Carlisle portfolio that has been proven in installations around the world, backed by technical support from our experts.

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