Mowing for a rainy day: the rise of the Eco-Clipper

In this issue of Building and Construction Review, we have selected LS Products BV as our Landscaping Company of the Year.

Based in The Netherlands, this manufacturing company has flourished over the last 12 months. Working from a new purpose-built building, there is now more logistical space for stock, service parts and the assembly process.

Despite domestic challenges such as an unseasonably dry summer and international pressures such as higher inflation and the war in Ukraine, the company has showed growth in most European countries.

LS Products BV is a young company, but nevertheless already well established in the European market for turf maintenance.

Historically, cylinder-mowers have always been internationally recognised as the industry gold standard. In the 1990’s Syb Leijenaar began the original inception of the Eco-Clipper design on the family turfgrass farm.

Last year, the Eco-Clipper mowing system for sports fields was launched across Netherlands. It was phenomenally successful. Used primarily for mowing sports fields, the mowing speed is faster than a cylinder mower and can be used on wet grass. With improved fuel efficiency (between 20 and 50% more efficient), and an overall lower repair, maintenance and ownership costs, it is revolutionary.

The Eco-Clipper is fast becoming a new, superior alternative to cylinder-mowers.

“Our Eco Clipper® electric mowers are sold in the UK by Vanmac Ltd and are quite unique. The system was originally developed to replace the cylinder mower. We liked the cutting quality of the cylinder mower, but we did not like the high maintenance costs and the sensitivity. Our Eco Clipper® mowing system comes close to the cutting quality of the cylinder mower, requires low maintenance and can be used in wet grass if necessary. Furthermore, the mowing speed can be higher than most other mowers. In practice, this means that mowing costs can be halved quite easily,” said Syb.

One example of its capabilities was when a town in the south of The Netherlands
substituted two self-propelled cylinder mowers with a 4,11m wide Eco-Clipper- FM4 Sport on a Fendt 207. The results were
substantial. The mowing costs more than halved, and scarce operators have been freed up.

With The Netherlands and many Northern European countries facing considerably wetter climates, the Eco-Clipper is an ideal choice, as it can be used across all weather conditions, including rain. This makes the Eco Clipper easy to schedule, because morning dew and autumn weather are no obstacle to mowing. This way the mowing can be scheduled to follow the growth of the grass. This means control over the number of clippings that are produced each mowing cycle, avoiding the need to remove excess clippings.

The Eco-Clipper range has diversified with many models available:

  • Eco-Clipper FM4 Sport for sports fields and larger, 14,11 meter wide
  • Eco-Clipper RM14 butterfly mower and TM14 tri-deck mower for larger turfgrass farms

With excellent user feedback from domestic Dutch clients and customers all over the world, who have remarked the Eco Clipper® range as a sterling success. One customer stated, “The new flexible-decks make for a completely different mowing result compared to the old, fixed decks. Now we have virtually no scalping, just a nice green cut.” Feedback such as this reflects the high level of service LS products BV delivers to its customers and how important they are in the continuation of producing and improving the range.

In the future, the company is looking to increase its exposure at a range of trade fairs, as well as branching into the UK sports field market. This will allow the company, alongside distributor Vanmac Ltd to grow from strength-to-strength in the near to long future.

Syb Leijenaar was overjoyed with The Landscaping Company of the year award, “I am honoured with the award. It is a recognition that we distinguish ourselves, from others, with what we offer.”

The Eco-Clipper mowing system offers considerable reduced fuel costs, at a time of inflated fuel prices and increases the productivity of the scarce operators The cutting quality offers a high-qualityww finish, with excellent contour following. There is minimal soil compression and an excellent dispersal of grass clippings. It is an excellent investment, that yields high returns for sports fields and turf grass farm management.

To view the full range of Eco-Clipper Products, see the contact details below.

T +31 (0) 6 46 75 35 60