Cutting the costs of being more sustainable

Under the right circumstances, such as new builds with a high level of insulation, air source heat pumps (ASHP) represent an efficient way to significantly reduce energy demands and carbon emissions. However, commercial hot water (DHW) applications using ASHP are going to be complex and, compared to gas-fired alternatives, are going to have higher up-front costs.

Through a combination of ASHP and an electric water heater however, Adveco can address many of the complexities associated with integrating ASHP into new buildings. A typical three heat pump specified system can be reduced to two immediately through the addition of an electric water heater which is used to top up the preheat supplied by the heat pumps. This combination enables systems to be sized down by as much as half, delivering immediate capital savings. A 50kW electric boiler can, for example, cost less than a tenth of the price of an equivalent 50kW heat pump and you immediately reduce the physical size of the system and the embodied carbon. Additionally, the system provides built-in redundancy should there ever be a failure.

Balancing a hybrid electric system is key to ensuring efficient operation, and Adveco specialises in creating bespoke applications and controls to assure water heating remains consistent, while reducing energy demands and building emissions.