West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero sets the standard for OSB3

Manufactured to the highest standards by timber products specialist, West Fraser (formerly known as Norbord), SterlingOSB Zero is a precision-engineered OSB3 board which can now boast of being the greenest of its type in the UK.

Produced in Scotland, West Fraser’s load-bearing board has been extensively developed to be free from added formaldehyde.

This achievement complements the company’s efforts to be carbon neutral; while for builders, reliability of supply is also key in an increasingly unpredictable global market. This is backed by the knowledge that by choosing OSB3, they will be working with a product that made from timber grown and processed in the UK: resulting in lower embodied carbon from transportation and a highly energy efficient production process.

West Fraser’s zero-added formaldehyde OSB3 offers further benefits too: being precision-engineered means there is less waste on site as well as production, with the rugged panels being of uniform dimensions and without weak points such as knots or voids. Importantly they will not delaminate, while the boards are easier to saw, plane, drill and fix: where screws or even nails can be driven as close as 8mm to the panel edge without splitting.

Being a much smoother OSB than many competitors means that sanding is now obsolete – even for GRP roofing applications – while the board’s more homogenous surface ensures it performs well in the UK’s often humid environment, as well as offering improved adhesion for all flat roofing applications.

Suitable for structural use in multiple applications, SterlingOSB Zero OSB3’s inherent strength makes it ideal for decking or sarking as well as for boarding up vacant properties, as well as for hoardings. Here the product can accept most surface treatments used for marketing messages and logos around a site’s perimeter.

Finally for specifiers and developers seeking to secure the higher BREEAM categories or to reinforce their environmental commitments, they can be assured that the CO2 locked within the BBA-approved SterlingOSB Zero during its lifetime is greater than that involved in its production.

To find out more about West Fraser’s products for housebuilders, get in touch with Dan Clarke – email: Daniel.Clarke@westfraser.com or download product brochures from the housebuilder page of the West Fraser website at: https://uk.westfraser.com/housebuilders/

For further information, call 01786 812921 or visit: https://uk.westfraser.com/